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Relatable Just Wants To Spend Some Quality Time Together On His New, Romantic Release “Sleep Over”

The Nashville artist finds joy in the time he shares with you on this new release.

Operating primarily out of the music city of Nashville, Tennessee, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Scott Giffin has quickly established himself in a highly competitive music scene.

Highly sought after due to his rare artistic ability to maximize the musical qualities of other artists, he's decided to channel some of those talents for himself, releasing music under his new artist persona, "Relatable." With many new releases on the horizon, you will want to watch this rising star.

Having lent his unique, cutting-edge productions to other artists, Relatable has had his artistic handprint on millions of streams across platforms. After an intense period of musical soul-searching and songwriting, he decided to start utilizing some of that genius for himself.

With a unique sound that blends infectious pop melodies, textured instrumentals, and heartfelt and genuine lyrics, Relatable's music beckons you to soft, warm soundscapes that melt worries and tension away.

"Sleep Over," Relatable's latest release, is a bubbly yet mellow pop offering that's equal parts passionate and romantic. Overlight, dreamy instrumentals led by a gentle piano, lines like "We could cuddle in my silk sheets / Fall in love and feel your heartbeat" and "I just want you to sleep over / Your head resting on my shoulder" paint a blissful soundscape brimming with affection.

As one would expect from someone with Relatable's artistic background, the overall production of "Sleep Over" is crisp. If this release is anything to go by, this Nashville artist has a bright future ahead of him.

Relatable's new release, "Sleep Over," is a heartfelt admission of the joy and happiness we can find spending time with the one we love. With his genuine lyricism and ability to bring the best out of any production, Relatable will undoubtedly blaze a bright trail in the industry. Whenever you're ready, tap in and stream his new release, "Sleep Over."

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