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Release Radar: “Company” By Connie Ryan Is On Fire

Music suddenly became an outlet for Connie Ryan, who was catching some waves in San Diego at age 14 and found herself experiencing a tragic circumstance: a heart attack. Later discovering that at the young age of 14 she had a congenital heart defect that resulted in emergency surgery and months of recovering at home. Connie found in this moment her love of writing stories as a little kid, her quiet discovery of a soulful voice and natural gift of playing guitar, would all be the catalyst for healing which brought bountiful peace and energy of healing for herself and others around her. Her first songs were picked up by an indie filmmaker who fell in love with the ironic sweetness and soulful heart of Connie’s music and she has since created a catalogue of music that has gained the attention of Grammy winning producers and artists. Currently working on collaborations as a singer/songwriter along with writing songs for new artists, her ability to connect with R&B’s soulful style and an honest writing style of love, hope, loss and disappointment has shone through to all who hear her songs. Her first EP is set to release this summer, show dates are being set for Fall 2019 and The Cutting Room will be showcasing Connie at a later date that will be announce in late 2019.

“Company” is sensual, sultry and alluring that mixes genres and instruments together beautifully. Connie’s voice is powerful and she is able to hit the high notes with style and is able to showcase her talents through the versatility of this track, making it clear that she has a complete love and passion for making music. Complete with a spoken section at the very beginning of “Company” to add personality to this story that Connie is trying to tell. I love the addition of rap part way through the track that adds that Hip-Hop flare to the song. A variety of instruments can be found strewn throughout this mixture of Hip-Hop and Pop that has vocal remnants of Ariana Grande and Beyoncé. The gorgeous harmonies fulfil the vibrancy of this lively and passionate track. “Company” is, in my opinion, a track that would be perfect for dancing with your honey closely and a song that is sure to get stuck in your head.

Listen to "Company" here and get to know more about Connie Ryan below!

Hey Connie! Your story is extremely touching! Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

I was born and raised in LA so I have such a deep love for the city especially West Hollywood. As an LGBTQ+ artist growing up I always looked up to other artists who weren’t afraid to be themselves. I hope to be that person for others who feel like they don’t belong and to just spread positive vibes through my music!

Has having a health scare at such a young age shaped how you perform and write as an artist?

I think it definitely has I feel like that experience made me work so much harder for everything and music became my escape in a way so I feel such a deep connection to everything I write and perform.

What is the meaning behind “Company”?

To me, Company is really just a fun sexy song for anyone who can relate to wanting to be locked away all night with a special someone!

What currently inspires you to write new music and perform?

I feel like I draw inspiration from everything happening around me and I try to be as open as possible in my music so the listeners can really feel the vibe of the song. My goal for any song I write is that someone can connect to it and be like “Yo I felt that” I think that’s the coolest thing.

What can we expect to see next from you in 2019? 

I’m currently working on an EP right now that I plan to release this summer along with a few singles leading up to that. I’m also going to be playing a few shows in LA so keep an eye out on my insta!


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