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Release Radar: dadbOdd Releases New Single “Chapter 10: Malik”

dadbOdd is a northern Ontario based artist who began his solo career five years ago prior to his current project. He was a founding member and main songwriter of Sudbury based rock outfit, Inadequate Rumour.

dadbOdd released his single titled “Chapter 10: Malik” and what I found to be highly unique about this song is that it feels as if the record is the subsequent tune to the previous song, adding to the storyline of the entire full length project of “Malik”. This concept explores the troubled upbringing of a french/Canadian boy into man. dadbOdd crafts together a compelling character arc and drives the story forward with each song placing its importance to the project. These records explore the themes of misogyny, intergenerational trauma, addiction, loneliness and much more. Back to chapter 10, begins with the lyrics “I could see her, I could see us in my head, between you and me and April wine just for the night” I grabbed the impression from this single is that this song has elements of love, and romantically poetic lyrics that showcases the signs of inversion. Chapter 10 begins with a soft introduction, comforting the listener with the subdued haze fulfilling the room of your setting and ears. Chapter 10 then transitions into a more eclectic and energized alternative rock song while still keeping the emotions in tact. dadbOdd combines saturated samples, layered synths, and analog instruments alongside hip hop inspired wordplay and infectious melodies in order to curate the perfect and most idiosyncratic sonic atmosphere.

Listen to "Chapter 10: Malik" here and be sure to check out our exclusive interview dadbOdd below!

Hey dadbOdd, with a highly compelling message behind your music that ranges from various topics, how do you specifically pick which emotion to channel while writing?

Early on in the album writing process I have an image in mind of the main character and a picture of some of the situations and emotions I want to develop. But it’s when I start to create the instrumentation that I am able to kind of blow up the image and start exploring (for lack of a better term) all of its pixels.

A lot of times the music starts to unlock elements which makes it easier for me to dig deep and understand what the character would be thinking or see the room the character would be in during a specific scene.

I guess you could say there is a bit of an element of “Method” writing when I tackle a track; both when writing lyrics and producing the beat. I spend a ridiculous amount of time on a track and get kind of obsessed with the lyrics and making sure that I am relaying the message in a way that best suits the character and story.

Tell us about “Chapter 10: Malik” and the lyrical meaning behind this?

Malik is also the name of the concept album which will be released in its entirety early next year. In Chapter 10: Malik, the main character ruminates about where he came from, his relationship with his folks and the relationship he has with his own son. This track is about self awareness and understanding that oftentimes History repeats itself.

How does the character “Malik” serve as a reflection of you and your story?

In many ways Malik is an exaggeration of the person I could have become had some of the circumstances in my life been different. There is a saying that kind of goes like “We are all one choice away from a completely different life”. I feel like that quote kind of sums up how Malik serves as a reflection of me.  

What inspired you to write this song?

I was kind of inspired by Jon Snow and just the idea of how being born into a bad situation can sometimes pre-determine your adult life. I wanted to explore how a person's upbringing can shape who they become and the choices they make. Often you see kids growing up making the same mistakes as their parents and leading similar lifestyles.  

What can we anticipate next from you?

In the short term, listeners can expect a new track in mid June followed by a big single called Chapter 8: Pessimist dropping in mid July. The video was created in association with Laurentian University and directed by Gerry Kingsley. I’m super excited for people to see that.

I’ve also organized a pretty ambitious release plan over the next year and a half. I’ll be showcasing another 9 tracks after Chapter 10: Malik; releasing a new track from the album every 5 weeks. The entire album drops in March of 2020.


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