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Release Radar: Dead Defined Tells Us Why They Are So “Unwholey”

Dead Defined thrives on the saying that “When art can’t be pigeonholed or pinned down, it elevates the very medium itself.” This independent rock band is standing confidently in sound between anthemic hard rock and technically charged industrial pop. Dead Defined’s sophomore single "Unwholey" represents that metallic industrial rock evolution in its purest form. This project was lead by singer/songwriter Craig Ewan, who is based out of Canada. Using a play on words “Unwholey” is out now on all music platforms.

Whoa! While I'm sitting here listening to “Unwholey” and I'm spiralling out of control on how put together it is. I can’t decide if I want to rock out, jump into a mosh pit, dance all night long, or whip my hair back and forth! I mean this track has it ALL! And then to top it the vocals give you such an amazing scratchy bass with some lyrical scream action. Towards the end of “Unwholey”, just as you think it’s over we get one more recap of the chorus and sounds creating an explosion of lyrical and musical elements! Dead Defined has a gift to produce passion filled music that anyone can relate to and that's what we look for in a hit song. Being able to relate to the track is everything, and Dead Defined has delivered this song in all the right ways. Bravo!

We're looking forward to watching Dead Defined's rise in success throughout 2019.

Listen to “Unwholey” here and connect with Dead Defined on social media to stay up to date with new music, latest news, tour dates & more!


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