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Release Radar: Fergus Hambleton's Latest "This Is My Song"

Fergus Hambleton released his mellifluous single titled “This Is My Song” with attractive melodies from both his vocals and the instrumental aspect. Speaking on his capturing voice, Fergus has a solidified tone that weaves the lines between a deep chest voice but can transport itself up into a higher register where he can showcase more high pitched vocals and belts at specific and most appropriate moments in the song. Fergus Hambleton's voice also has this sense of warmth and comfort where you feel pretty much relaxed while listening. The instrumental has a slow to medium pace tempo with a consistent acoustic jingle and a nice bass guitar chord.

I discovered slight undertones of reggae in "This Is My Song" which made this pretty unique for me. The lyrics kind of touches base on the fact that Fergus is pretty much serenading us. I like how the lyrics feel as if he’s dedicating the record to us as listeners. It makes you feel much more connected with the music and artist when you feel like they’re attempting to create chemistry between you and them although you have never met the artist before. It’s the special trait behind music not many artists can accomplish and Fergus accomplished it perfectly. Bravo Fergus Hambleton!

Listen to "This Is My Song" here.

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