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Release Radar: Heroine Releases New Song “Sundays”

Brooklyn based songwriting Duo, Heroine, is made up of Bridget Linsenmeyer and Ines Nassara. This dynamic duo is known for their catchy power anthem and remarkably compelling unison signing. Heroine proudly uses both their music and their artist image to advocate for intersectional empowerment of women. You can hear their very first single, a dark groove-based pop anthem, “Cry Mercy”. You can find this single on all musical platforms. We can expect their debut EP

“The Heroine EP” Spring of this year. In the meantime we get to hear the release of the first single “Sundays”.

Wow! A harmonic tune that is ultra satisfying to the senses. I mean they are so in sync that at times you couldn’t distinguish the difference in the two. And that is a wonderful thing. The single gives way to both voices individually and as one. This duo is soulful and powerful and gives a voice to women and really all! There is an emotionally driven message behind this song and I would love to know more about it. Heroine has given us a delicacy here with “Sundays”.

Listen to "Sundays" here.


Hello ladies. Do you mind introducing yourselves and how did you two meet?

Hi! We’re Heroine— made up of Bridget Linsenmeyer (26) and Ines Nassara (27). We both grew up in two different parts of Maryland, but met when we both attended Towson University for undergrad. We first knew of each  because we had the same voice teacher (we  both secretly wanted to be friends haha) and later became close when we did Spring Awakening, the musical together in 2013 at Towson. 

Where do you see yourselves taking your music this year?

Our biggest plan this year is to release our debut EP, “the HEROINE ep.” We’re so excited to be kicking it off with the release of “Sundays.” We’ve been working hard on the EP for the past 2 years so we can’t wait to finally get to share it with everyone! We’re planning to do an East Coast tour to promote the project and continue playing as much as we can while also writing new music to work toward a future full length album. We’re feeling ambitious about 2019 and hope to work our way over to LA for a show in the near future as well!

What helped guide the direction of this new single “Sundays”?

“Sundays” was originally written on piano and is based on a personal story about finding unexpected forgiveness and clarity after the pain of a really hard breakup. We knew the recording of this song could go in a few different directions, so we initially tried a much bigger arrangement -with guitar as the main instrument and a string section. This ending up sounding more film-like, which was a fun experiment for us, but we ultimately decided the size of that arrangement took away from the storytelling and the intimacy of the lyrics (which revolves around forgiveness and an appreciation of a person you once loved)— we knew it needed less. This led us to the arrangement that we hear today, which is just piano and voice. 

What do you do when you two don’t see eye to eye on music?

We’ve found that what really works for us as a team is to voice all of our ideas. If there’s something we see differently, we like to try out all of our options and see what happens. After we do this, we’re able to see how each idea functions and talk about what would be the most effective choice. Throughout the process of working on our debut EP, we’ve really learned that we benefit from taking the time we need to hear and decide what’s best for the song. 

Where can we find your music and your online presence?

You can find our music on all major streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes etc.). You can follow us on all our social media handles for updates on live shows and music releases: 


Twitter: @Heroine_NYC 

We also have a newly launched website where you can hear our music, see updates and buy our new merch! 


Connect with Heroine on social media:


Twitter: @Heroine_NYC


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