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Release Radar: “Jungle Lick In Soho” By Mutant Vinyl

Mutant Vinyl, also known by Edwin Pope has been releasing and cultivating music in his own way since 2011. Having influences from Rudimental, Wolf Alice, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble and Mystery Jets just to name a few. His infectious music has gained him features on Radio 1, Radio 2, 6music and Amazing Radio. One of his songs, Lavender, won the SongLink prize for best contemporary song. Mutant Vinyl has even received praises from Sir Paul McCartney; this guy has created his own lane and killing it! He is endorsed by London’s premier instrument manufacturer Trevor James. We were eager to hear his latest release, “Jungle Lick In Soho”.

That intro really got me going! It starts off with this really unique horn and the beat is such a blend. Like you know when you put a few blends of seasonings together and you aren’t sure what it’s going to taste like but then you taste it and its MAGICAL! That is my exact feelings in word form for this track. The title stood out to me as “Odd” but a good odd something that grabs your attention and has you wanting to know more. I love how his sound is the epitome of creating your own genre of music. His voice has a raspy sultry tone to it that is similar to a whisper but still strong! I can’t wait to tune into more from Mutant Vinyl! All in all, this is a definite track you're going to want to add to your playlists!

Listen to “Jungle Lick In Soho” here and get to know the artist in our interview below!

Hey Edwin! It's great to chat with you! Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey. I'm known creatively as Mutant Vinyl, which is my saxophone driven, original music project.

Where are you from and what is the music scene like there?

I'm from Bournemouth: a seaside town on the south coast of England. The scene is intimate but full of a wealth of creative talent & some of the best promoters I've worked with. I'm actually launching the album there at the venue I first ever performed in in 2009 - 10 years doesn't half fly...!

What is the most difficult thing about creating the music you produce? Do you collab with anyone?

I've always found capturing the live energy & atmosphere to be challenging in the studio. But I think the album does resonates well alongside the live show. Daniel Ferguson's work with Mutant Vinyl is integral, & his production creativity & mixing on the album is sublime. He just gets it / gets me & I think it shows, both onstage, & in the atmosphere on the record. There's also a heap of instrumentalists on there too, & a wonderful vocal performance from Amorie. I feel very lucky that people are willing to work on my MacBook daydreams..

What inspired the track “Jungle Lick In Soho”?

The track lyrically transcribed a hazy, debauched night in Soho, London. Musically, I was living inside the new Goldie album when making this track, & wanted to create a really aggressive percussive feel in the beat & groove. The sax hook came from trying to keep up with the kick-drum pattern with a big low B..

What can we expect to see from you in the near future?

My debut album comes out on April 26th via Klee Music on a limited 12" vinyl / download. Then I'm touring it for the rest of the year throughout Europe, starting with Belarus in May & Dublin in June.Oh! - there's also a few VERY special remixes en route, so if you're a dub or drum & bass head, look out for those!


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