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Release Radar: "Quién da Más" By Laban

Mexican singer-songwriter Laban reigns from the border city of Tijuana and currently lives in

Mexico City. Laban’s musical literacy began at the fresh age of 3 playing the violin and is the son of a graphic artist. His debut album is called Todos Somos Duenos de Aqui which contains the single "Quién da Más" which is a protest song revolving around the topics of corruption, impunity, extreme income inequality and violence. The album has a minimalist concept and dialectical view of the world that goes through the form of a thesis, antithesis, and synthesis.

A laidback groove of electric guitars and drums sets the mood of Laban's latest single "Quién da Más" which is also accompanied by stunning visuals in the form of a music video. Laban’s vocals are smooth and gentle that have sort of a calming effect as you listen and become enchanted by the calmness of it all. The subtle addition of harmonies makes his vocals all the more enchanting and luring. Throughout the whole song, Laban is questioning himself about who is and who he wants to be. A self-pondering question that nearly everyone goes through during some point in time. You don’t have to understand what he is saying to know and feel the emotion that Laban radiates. Overall, what an incredible tune!

Listen to "Quién da Más" here.

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