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Release Radar: "Rambo" By Cyro Ford

Cyro Ford is a 19-year-old artist who was born and raised in South Africa. Coming from a musically inclined household, Cyro Ford always been involved in music ever since he can remember. He started rapping at the age of 12 when he got inspired by Kendrick Lamar.

Cyro Ford released his new single titled “RAMBO” and it begins with a quality introduction that climaxes the immediate hook. “You can call me Rambo, I got lots of ammo.. dropping music on repeat, they can’t match my speed.” the catchy hook highlights the song aesthetic due to the symphonic sounding vocals and cohesive trap beat to match. He then delivers a grandiose flow highly-listenable to all you fans of witty lyricism and striking punchlines. By the second hearing of the hook you’re automatically drawn into the song and will find yourself subconsciously singing along. There are some songs we hear that takes a minute for us to get into and enjoy. However, “Rambo” is one of those songs that if played on the radio in a car for the first time, you instantly go “who is this?”. Cyro Ford has all the correct ingredients to be a hit maker and we were highly impressed with his textured sound. His dream? To be recognized as a creative and versatile artist who can do anything. With a unique sound yet so familiar, Cyro Ford should be on his way to the top with a song like “Rambo” under his belt!

Listen to "Rambo" here and get to know Cyro Ford in our exclusive interview below!


When writing “Rambo” what was your motive behind it? What’s the song about? 

Well, I came up with RAMBO mostly cause of the structure of the beat. I normally make a lot of music at a time and I write all my lyrics and work out my hook and verse pretty fast so I just thought of the movie character “RAMBO” that always has ammo or a weapon and he’s ready for anything, you feel me ? RAMBO is just another song where I try to show off my versatility as an artist. I wanted to show off that I can make catchy vibey music aswell as rap if I want to. Inspiration for this song came from RAMBO the movie and how the main character is like me but instead of killing people with finesse LOL, it’s me being able to put out tracks in a short space of time and always having material to write about. Ready for anything. 

If you could feature any current top artist of your choice on “Rambo” who would you select and why!?

Lil pump , cause I know he’s gonna kill  it and do it effortlessly. He’s the biggest out right now in terms of the new wave for a reason. His music is hard and I know he’ll have fun with it too and we’ll both have people saying “you can call me Rambo, I got lotsa ammo”. LMAO! But yeah Lil Pump Definitely. 

What are some challenges you have faced in your music career? How did you overcome them?

The biggest challenge I faced in my music career was convincing myself that I’m capable and deserving of my dreams as an artist. I had a lot of issues with anxiety and depression and doubting myself cause I’ve been doing music ever since I can remember. It’s the only thing I love doing and that I’m really good at in my opinion so staying motivated and passionate about it was an issue at first cause I doubted myself but now I’m ready to pursue this no matter what. I started challenging myself to improve my music in any way I can. And I’ve been very impressed with the results lately and Kendrick Lamar’s music made me feel like I can do this too. So yeah Kendrick’s music and pushing myself to my creative limits and exceeding them is what helped me conquer my self doubt and fear of failing cause that’s what made me anxious and stressed out. 

Another challenge I faced was losing a lot of friends cause of me pursuing music and my parents assuming I wanted to pursue some empty dream with no security in the future. Them thinking I’m not capable and not supporting me at all, it bothered me at first but then I realized that it’s just another obstacle. Like God asking me “you still want to keep going after this?” so i eventually didn’t let it get to me anymore and chose to stay focused. The way I see it, nothing in life is guaranteed and nothing in life is permanent. So it’s best to pursue what you love come what may cause you’ll have no regrets,doesn’t matter if it’s secure or not cause nothing really is. Why work hard for something you don’t love just because it makes you feel safer financially? When you can pursue what you love and work hard to be safe financially, emotionally and mentally. Everything requires hard work but only the hardest of workers are the ones who achieve their dreams. 

How would you self-describe your artistry and style?

I’m a Hip hop artist and I would say my style is very Kendrick Lamar, Chris Brown and Kid Cudi Inspired, that’s a pretty weird combination but those artists influence the sound of my music is massive ways.I have a very unique structure when it comes To how I put my music together but it’s also familiar at the same time. A structure people can recognize from somewhere. Like meeting an old friend and you like what they’ve become and how they’ve carried theirselves over the years. I’m very versatile and creative and I’m all about the vibes. How my tracks will make people feel and how they’ll react to them. 

What's next for you through 2019?

Hmmmm, in 2019 I Wanne start making a stable income from my music by June. Promote myself even more to get RAMBO out there. After that I would Wanne move to LA cause LA is where you grind and work hard and meet people with connections and have your big break. Become independent by September in terms of my needs. House and a car that I own. Then By December have a secure self made career from my music. By the end of 2019 I want my music to be what I do for a living. 


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