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Release Radar: Terell Safadi Debuts "Come See Me Now"

Hip Hop artist from Vancouver, Canada, Terell Safadi delivered us a favorable and trendy contemporary record titled “Come And See Me” with smooth-sailing R&B vocals and an impeccable flow that fuses together to fabricate a vibe hit you don’t want to miss out on. The extraordinary tempo is a combination of legato and staccato delivery, having moments of fast-paced modern day rap alongside the laid-back and breezy vocal resonance that serenades us into the aesthetic of the song. With a trap love beat supporting the vocalists, “Come See Me Now” begins with a cultivating introduction that sets the tone for the rest of the tune. We can add this to all our playlists used to help us reflect on our current love lives. whether you’re single or you have a boo, you can momentarily and thoroughly enjoy the record from beginning to end. It’s the perfect record digestible for the current and upcoming holiday, Valentines day. If you want to get in the romantic and sensual mood for these upcoming love fest days then “Come See Me Now” by Terell Safadi and Chris Antonio is the most appropriate and fitting way to do so.

Listen to "Come See Me Now" here.

Hey Terell, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

My Name is Terell Safadi, I'm a Canadian Recording artist/ Rapper, Skateboarder, fitness enthusiast and Father.

How’s the music scene in Canada? Do you notice any major difference between the music scene in Canada as compared to different locations?

The music scene has been getting better and better every year, some of the most relevant and successful artists are from here. The main difference I notice between here and the states is there is more cities in America and they are closer together, making it easier to tour, more industry in the states to get artists off the ground In my opinion.

How would you describe your musical style?

Lately I would describe it as moody, with some 90's rap style influence in the way I approach verses, and at times experimental with EDM sounds.

Did you face any challenges with this latest project? Only Challenge was waiting 5 months to put it out!

Can you share the message behind "Come See Me Now"?  I travel a lot, so Come see me now is just about living a fast pace lifestyle, Basically letting a girl know that I'm in her town for a couple days and we should link up.

What can we expect from you this year??

I Just Finished my project "TRAP, LOVE & $EX" which is 9 songs in Total, that is coming in end of Feb early March. You can expect lots of content, lots of freestyle videos, more performances. I have a few shows lined up out of the country so I'm excited for that and to release content consistently.


Connect with Terelle Safadi on social media:


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