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Release Radar: "Unleash" By Angie Flare

Angie Flare is a singer and songwriter with a strong message: size doesn’t matter. Young or old, rich or poor, everybody is capable of greatness even in the smallest of ways. This is why Angie writes her music. For you, with you and about you, so join her and discover the greatness within!

The latest single “Unleash” by Angie Flare has our attention! The single begins solemnly with synths and acoustic guitars. The vocals enter in an equally reserved fashion, but quickly is bolstered by the rest of the instrumentation entering, with drums, bass and electric guitar supporting Flare’s vocals. The lyrics are passionate, and Flare’s message seems to be that of overcoming obstacles, though the song itself is quite melancholic. Despite this, one is left with a feeling of triumph rather than defeat after the song is over.

The arrangement seems quite well thought out, with the electric guitar sometimes weaving in and out of the vocal line. The vocals themselves are well done and sung with incredible poise, accuracy and passion. At just over three minutes, a great deal of talent from this singer and songwriter is presented, and we highly recommend you give “Unleash” a listen today!

Stream "Unleash" here.

Would you mind starting off describing your background and how you got involved with music?

I’m born (and still living) in a small town in the small country, the Netherlands (plus I’m only five foot three in height). With everything being small about my background, my dreams and ideas are nothing but great. Music is an important part in our family. My grandpa was a professional musician and my whole family loves to make and listen to music too. So it wasn’t a strange thing that, as a toddler, I was singing all day long (people on the street even made remarks about it!). Therefore, singing to me is even more natural than talking. At 7 I started singing solo at the local church and a few years later I started taking singing lessons. In those years I took every chance to take the stage and sing for an audience. I wanted to master every genre like pop, rock, musical theatre, soul and country. But a few years ago I discovered the joy of developing my own style and sound by writing my own songs. I found out I could use my creativity and tell my own story to the whole world. I’ve never felt fulfilled like this.

Who would you describe as your biggest artistic influences?

I’m influenced by a very broad range of styles like pop, rock, musical theatre, soul and country. I don’t listen to a specific genre because if an artist or song touches me, I like it and use it for my writing. I think my biggest role model is Lady Gaga, she also combines a lot of styles in her voice and music, she writes her own songs and she’s short just like me. She’s beautiful and great in her very own unique way.

How do you write your music? Would you mind describing your process?

It always starts with inspiration, a sentence or melody just pops into my head. Like someone whispers it in your ear. Then I work it out on the piano. The song gets shape in an organic way. I write something, I get stuck, I put it aside to give it some space and I continue later with new inspiration. Sometimes my friend Bas, who is a great guitarist and musician, writes the musical part with me and I write the lyrics. Sometimes I finished a song myself (music and lyrics) and we make a demo together. I love this process so much, creating something beautiful that never existed.

You have a single called “Unleash”, did you have a particular message behind the music in this case?

It’s a very personal story. My big dream was to attend a college school of music. But I got rejected for every school I applied for. It really broke my heart. But my love for music and singing never died, I kept going with trust that I will find my place too. Because I really believe I am born to sing. That’s what Unleash is about. It’s an anthem for everybody who fell and got up again, fell and got up again…and after every failure gets ready to fight even harder because you feel with your whole heart you have to do it. I hope with this song and my story I’m paving the way for many others.

What can we hope to see from you in the future, Angie?

I’m just getting started so I have a lot of plans. I want to perform as much as possible and to share my music with as many people as possible. My goal is to release an EP. I have the material, but first more people have to know about Angie Flare to share my EP with. So this article is another step closer :) My dream is that people all over the world enjoy my music. It’s already happening actually but in very very small amounts. I’m working really hard to make that grow.



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