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Release Radar: YoungSauce Da God Releases New Hit “Ride Wit Me”

If you’re ready for the next big thing in the hip hop game well prepare yourself for newcomer YoungSauce Da God to take completely over! Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, YoungSauce Da God is no stranger to the music scene as he’s been performing and recording professionally for over a decade now. YoungSauce Da God has opened up for some of the biggest names in the hip hop industry including Lil Wayne, Dem Franchize Boyz, Ludacris, Fabulous. YoungSauce Da God has also made a cameo appearance in the classic hit song "Lean Wit it Rock Wit it" by Dem Franchize Boyz, also appearing in the hit television show MTV Cribs alongside the group. After years of being a part of the Push Up Boyz group formed shortly after he graduated from High School, YoungSauce Da God took a five-year hiatus and re-branded himself as a solo artist. He is now back and is more ready than ever to finish what he has started.

YoungSauce Da God released his latest single titled Ride Wit Meand we were instantly attracted to sauce’s rugged rap style that reminded us of the likes of Rick Ross. For that reason, YoungSauce Da God automatically stood out to us as an individual and special artist that’s definitely needed in today’s rap culture. “Ride Wit Me” brings with a super catchy hook we’re sure the people would love! The repetitive lyric of “Ride with me” is perfect for that long lasting memorable effect on its listeners. We were in-tuned with the lyrics in “Ride Wit Me” and it was like there was a whole new dimension to the song. YoungSauce Da God proved to be highly lyrical with a substantial story being displayed within the song. Rap nowadays could be significantly transparent yet YoungSauce Da God shows us that he is the next authentic, raw and uncut gem ready to take the industry by storm and we’re excited to see what he will accomplish!

Listen to “Ride Wit Me” below and be sure to check out our exclusive BuzzMusic interview with YoungSauce Da God!

Hello! Can you please tell us a little about yourself and your music?

Hey what's goin' on BuzzMUsic this is YoungSauce "DaGod" I am originally from Columbus, Ohio I been doing music for about 17 yrs. My music is what I like to call raw and edgy and smooth, it can be hard and other times it can mellow meaning I can cover many different vibes.

How has your career changed since your time in Push Up Boyz? Notice any major differences as an solo artist opposed to group?

I would say its a different game now compared to when I was in a group. Meaning its more digital and the internet is now the way music is being discovered and released. No more footwork or passing out CD's. I think its a lot harder as a solo artist just because now you have to write and perform a whole song by yourself. Before it would be just writing one verse to complete a song, but I enjoy it and I'm loving how it feels to be a solo artist because its my creativity and I can make the music I want without any input or disagreements.

“Ride Wit Me" seems to have strong lyrical substance to it, what is this song about and what inspired you to write it?

Yes "Ride wit me" is a basically a song about if your real and true and you remain the same then put your middle fingers up to the non believers or haters or the ones who are against you. I was inspired because it had a dope melody and the bass plus I was in the car when I first heard the record so that's why I named it ride wit me.

In your personal opinion, what is your favorite element about your own record “Ride wit me”?

Personally my favorite part of the song is the hook because its energetic and everyone can relate to it in some way.

What are some challenges you face as an independent artist?

Some challenges you face as a independent artist is that you have to do it all yourself meaning you pay for everything you have to promote your brand and have to create a buzz and get people to follow you and your movement. As to where a signed has the label doing all the work for you and the artist can focus on being a artist.

What can we expect next from you?

Next for me is the video for "Ride wit me" I will be shooting in the next few weeks I'm currently working on my debut EP titled Cookin' Up and continuing to grow my brand more music on the way. Once again thank you BuzzMusic for having me.


Connect with YoungSauce Da God on social media:

Twitter @YoungSauceDaGod  Instagram @Youngsaucedagod


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