Release Rewind: Lyra Star Is The Magical Force That We All Need

Lyra Star sprinkles a little bit of magic into every enthralling melody that she creates. An independent singer, songwriter, and yoga-loving dreamer, Lyra Star has spread her wings past her hometown of Nashville to eventually find herself exploring and falling in love with the West Coast.

Finally settling in the bay area of California, she became one half of the duo Wisps and Willows before realizing she couldn’t be contained and indeed needed to fly solo to pursue her dreams to her maximum potential.

As she follows her inner voice while navigating through the music industry, she uses her expertise in the performing arts as she steers through the winding paths of her journey in Los Angeles.

Lyra Star expressed her internal creativity through imaginative releases in 2020. Kicking off the year with the sentimental depths of, “Beautiful Ride,” we are exposed to the vulnerability that she uncovers through intricate lyrical tales about feeling a connection to someone despite their darkness and wanting to get close to that person because it could potentially be a beautiful journey together. As she wavers through the enticing instrumentation that dances in our minds in a nimble manner, Lyra Star sets the tone with her ethereal vocalization.

Her single “Under the Water,” is a rather special masterpiece for the independent artist herself. Taking her resilient connection to the ocean, she used vivid imagery to illustrate how she is ready to burst out of her shell to shine her bright light on the world through her tantalizing musical designs. With mesmerizing visuals released for, “Under the Water,” Lyra Star created an opportunity to merge her skills as a contortionist with her original creations. The manner in which the music video highlights her capabilities through a larger than life performance of her talents is unmatched as she paves her path in the industry.

“Broken,” uses the sorrows she carries in her to depict a lively picture about falling for the wrong person, and recognizing that it is better off to be alone than to allow someone into your life that is so broken inside. As we can relate to Lyra Star through the alluring strings being performed in the composition, the elements cataract