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RELEASE RADAR: Hot New Track “Hurts Like Hell” By OAKLND

After almost a year long wait, OAKLND releases a ground-breaking new single “Hurts Like Hell”. The arrangement of indie and pop synths are incredible. OAKLND’s time and dedication to the new piece are evident. It's psychedelic vibe takes us to another dimension. The heart-filled lyrics are about falling in love too quickly, and explaining how much that hurts when you’re unsure if it’s love or not.

I think everyone can relate to the poetic lyrics in “Hurts Like Hell” and that says something about OAKLND that he’s able to stay close to his audience and fan base. His timeless vocals are awakening and irresistable throughout the entire song. The lyrical depth highlight OAKLND’s multi-skill set. Shadowy indie electro-pop landscape, meets introspective, hypnotic verses. “Hurts Like Hell” mixes passion and emotion with careful control. I love the ambient-vibe and OAKLND’s dreamy west coast anthem will be playing on repeat on my playlist this summer! He’s built a fantastic foundation for what’s to come. Stay on the lookout for OAKLND, if this is any indication for what’s next then we can’t wait!

Listen to "Hurts Like Hell" here and get to know more about OAKLND below!

Hey OAKLND! Can you start by telling us your real name and where you’re from?

Colin Mckillop, from west lothian in Ccotland, a little outside of Edinburgh. currently writing this on a train sitting parallel princes street actually

When did you start writing music? What inspired it?

I’ve been in bands of some form since i 17. it was kinda cool growing up around the indie boom with guitar bands everywhere, that’s what made me really wanna be in a band at first. i ended up really wanting to do my own thing and have a different sound. I put out my song as OAKLND in november 2017. I do a lot of writing with blair cullen who i was in a band with before. he’s pretty cool and plays drums live for me too, i couldn’t do this without him.

What inspired you to write “Hurts Like Hell”? Personal experience?

I get inspiration from everywhere, personal experiences, things other people are going through, things other people tell me. Hurts Like Hell is about falling out of love with someone but not wanting it to be over

Who is your biggest musical inspiration/ dream collab?

Matt Healy from 1975 would be so cool, the stuff he worked on with Pale Waves was so good.

Can we expect an EP or full album from you?

Definitely not a full album, an EP is possible though!

What's next for you through 2019?

I honestly don’t know yet, there’s gonna be a couple more releases for sure. i done my first live show last year and that was cool but we’ll see. hurts like hell kinda feels like the best thing i’ve wrote and i’m super happy with that right now, there will be something else soon though.


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