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#ReleaseRadar: "On The Low" By KVNE

Kevin Edworthy, aka KVNE, is the founding partner of The KillaKollective, an independent label, with the stated goal of bringing community back to the music industry. According to doctors order, his latest song, "On The Low" should be consumed at least once a day (“or as needed”) until the prescription has been exhausted and it's time for a refill.

Edworthy enjoys his trap percussion. But this isn’t hard-hitting Atlanta drug-pushing flow with the hats so crisp it sickens and the vocals so warped you wonder if there’s an IV purple drip in your arm you forgot about. Instead, this is firmly within pop territory. Think more of a Post Malone and Tory Lanez concoction, and less of a T.I. or Migos joint.

The song starts with some chords that unfold in mystery. It could take a heavy turn, or dissolve into high quality video game soundtrack fare. It isn’t long before the dope rap build-up arrives, and you’re launched into a glistening world of diamond rings and Hennessy, informed by the industrial past of Hamilton. No, not the musical. Rather, I’m talking about the Canadian industrial town struggling to reinvent itself in the era of global manufacturing. There’s something very pressing here. But it’s silky smooth at the same time. Not bad for a 27-year-old from Canada.

Listen to "On The Low" here & connect with KVNE on social media:


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