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Relic In Your "Selfish" Choices As Kacey Fifield Unbears It All

The role model and aspiring artist we know and adore, Kacey Fifield, has garnered mass attention since she began her career as a musician.

With 4 million streams and counting on her original songs and 1 million unique listeners, Kacey Fifield wows her audience by drawing from personal experience as she places relatability and familiarity into the tune she creates.

The melancholy and poignant release of her latest ballad, "Selfish," is turning heads as she conveys an emotion-fueled version of herself in this acoustic masterpiece. With a simplistic arrangement that spotlights warm guitar strums and glimmering keys, the musical bed in which Kacey Fifield lays her tantalizing croons illuminates her melodies in a way that has us seeing a new side of her artistry.

Performing from the heart, she's raw and unfiltered in the lyrical motifs she brings to life. "I've always lent a shoulder for you to cry on, but as we get older, I can't rely on you to be my soldier" are the jagged words that carry so much soul as Fifield's harmonies feel the music and effortlessly cascade in the peaks and valleys of this song.

There's no one to better bring life to a heartfelt narrative at the center of "Selfish" like Kacey Fifield. She is vulnerable as she's wistfully authentic and allows her audience to gravitate towards her with such powerful storylines.

Maturing her sound with each release, it's no wonder her loyal fanbase eagerly awaits her release to grace the speakers. Kacey Fifield is the epitome of passion, and we're grateful to watch her gracefully soar to the top.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Kacey Fifield. "Selfish" carries such a mass amount of heart as you pour your emotions into this sonic canvas. Was there a particular moment or story that inspired the song's creation?

There were definitely multiple different people who inspired the heartbreak expressed in the song. I think that most people can relate to the feeling of deeply caring about someone who truly only cares about themselves. That's the story this song tells, and I hope it resonates with listeners as much as it has with me!

Do you feel a release of the emotions you put into your music once the song is out to the public? How do you draw the line at not being pulled back into the emotional situations you profess?

I always feel a sense of catharsis when I release a song - each record I put onto the internet is like a little piece of myself and my feelings, so sharing my music with people who may relate means the world to me. I wouldn't say that getting pulled back into emotional situations is a worry for me since, for me, writing songs is a way of coping and getting over my feelings.

If your audience could take away one message from "Selfish," what would you want it to be?

You're not alone, and you deserve to be loved. I care about you!

From your first single release to the release of "Selfish," how have you found your sound adapting?

I began releasing music when I was 10 years old (8 years ago!!), so my life experiences have influenced me greatly. My songwriting skills have also improved a lot! My sound has matured alongside me.

What's next for you?

I'm working on a new project that represents similar raw emotions as "Selfish," so stay tuned! I'm also performing in New York on March 11th and Los Angeles on March 21st. I can't wait!!! Check out for ticket info.


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