Relive the Pre-Social Distancing Days With Andrew Ibarra’s Music Video “Wasting Our Time”

From Connecticut to California, alternative artist Andrew Ibarra drops his spirited music video to his single “Wasting Our Time”. Andrew Ibarra stated clearly that as a first-generation Chilean-American, he strives for the same liberation from oppression within his music that his ancestors have vigorously fought for. Merging his punk rock roots with modern-day pop and blissful soundscapes, Andrew Ibarra’s recent hit “Wasting Our Time” serves his authentic instrumentation as a whole. Reminiscing on the times we wasted away happily with our loved ones, “Wasting Our Time” surrounds our lives before the pandemic and reflecting on the severity of the situation at hand.

Kicking off with a down-tempo electro-synth, moving into a chill and laid-back beat with vibrant yet subtle soundscapes. While the music video for “Wasting Our Time” surrounds friends gathering under a UV light with neon paint peacefully wasting the time away. Once Andrew Ibarra’s vocals take the stage, we get an incredibly modern feel through fresh autotune that doesn’t drown out his natural vocal abilities. While the majority of “Wasting Our Time” runs fairly mellow throughout, we’re hit with a deep electro-house synth that pumps up the energy. As Andrew Ibarra sings messages of those distant memories with friends that we all notably miss today, it’s clear that he’s flawlessly able to tie-in current and relatable imagery that everyone can relate to.

Listen to “Wasting Our Time” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Andrew Ibarra! We’re reminiscing on the good old days right beside you and your single “Wasting Our Time”. What made you decide to write this relatable song that speaks to everyone?

Well, let me start out by saying that the music video was shot in late Fall before the pandemic hit (proper social distancing measures were always observed!). The world has changed a lot since then, but the song's meaning has evolved as well. "Wasting Our Time" has always been about finding pleasure and beauty in the seemingly mundane experiences in life. I decided to put my dog Luna, who passed away in February, on the cover art because she perfectly exemplified this. When she wasn't napping on the couch, she loved going for car rides and meeting new people (and dogs too, but mostly people) with plenty of unconditional love for everyone. Now that we are all in quarantine, we humans have seemingly turned into dogs; we look forward to our daily walks, we can't wait to get out of the house and take a ride in the car, and we get overly excited to see a familiar face. Hopefully, this extended time to ourselves can help us to heal and realize these moments we used to take for granted are actually the moments that we are most experiencing life.  

In regards to the music video for “Wasting Our Time”, you perfectly capture imagery of sitting back and missing the easy gatherings with friends. Could you elaborate on how Andrew Ibarra went about finding physical imagery that enhances the message of the song?

Honestly, the idea for this music video was just to film what a typical weekend hang out looked like with some of my closest friends. My good friend/videographer Drew Maiorino did incredible work of being able to navigate the chaos and capture the best moments from every angle possible. I think the body paint fights and the table smashing were a bit exaggerated for the camera, but Drew was able to bring that fun carelessness out in us. And the fact that it happened to be Louie's birthday was also all the more reason to celebrate. 

Speaking on Andrew Ibarra’s recent hit “Wasting Our Time”, about a third of the way in we’re hit with a blistering electro synth that really livens the party. What underlying story did you want the song's production to tell? Especially that short yet striking instrumental?

"Wasting Our Time" has a lot of rhythmic layers, so I wanted the underlying production to reflect the layered experiences and personalities that we are accustomed to living with. My cousin/engineer Dough Schtephan did a brilliant job contrasting each layer of sound while still complementing the melodies in the mix. I think the electro-synth that gets the party going is really that extra layer of excitement or motivation that keeps us going in our everyday lives. 

We’ve heard that with your music, Andrew Ibarra strives for the same liberation from oppression through music, which your ancestors have fought hard for. What else would you like to share with our readers about Andrew Ibarra, and what you stand for as an artist?

I am very proud to be a first-generation Chilean-American, and I am equally as proud of my Irish roots as well. The thing that Americans, Chileans, and the Irish all have in common is that we aren't afraid to fight against injustice to preserve our identity and our way of life. And so in writing music I try to embody the same fighting spirit against oppression and channel that into my quest for truth and justice. My strife is by no means the same as being socially persecuted by a militaristic regime, but I take comfort in knowing that I have those same fighting bones in my body and in my music.  

I would like to take a moment to thank my family and friends for their love and support along the way. I'd like to especially shout-out Jess, Jon, Anna, Sam, Ted, Tim, Mike, Ender, Jimmy, and Louie for their help in creating this video. As for my future plans, I hope to reunite with my band FURBS when social distancing regulations are lifted so we can get back to putting on the best and most exciting live shows for our fans.