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Remember to Keep Your Cool with Twoaym's Latest Hit, "Koolin"

Tiara Hill, affectionately known as Twoaym, is a multi-talented American Rapper, songwriter, and Producer hailing from Columbus, Ohio.

Coming from a family full of musicians, Twoaym started creating at a young age by playing musical instruments all by ear, such as drums, guitar, and piano, eventually leading up to her writing and recording rap verses by the age of 14.

Being one who is truly inspired by artists who have set milestones in the recording industry, Twoaym has gained attention for her songwriting techniques from artists such as Jackie Jackson, producer extraordinaire B.A.M, and many more.

With her recently dropped the single “Koolin,” the feature single off of her highly anticipated forthcoming album, “Unsolicited,” Twoaym’s versatility is something to look out for as she features a mixture of nostalgic and Hip-hop tones in the music she showcases.

“Koolin” submerges you in the laid back ambiance of everything Twoaym has to offer. The captivating melody of the instrumentation allows you to sink deep into your seat as you transport to the nostalgic world Twoaym opens you up to through the creative lens of her soul. The way that Twoaym’s vocals enter this piece shines a light on her smooth as butter cadences that highlight the deep and mesmerizing tonal distinction that she carries in her conveyance.

“Koolin “ is full of expressions that Twoaym sheds regarding the fact that she doesn’t have time for anyone out there looking to waste hers. Unfazed by life’s hardships, Twoaym wants her listeners to know that around her, you can effortlessly catch a vibe as she carries the “Koolin” mentality with her through her day to day life.

Wrapping your head around the universe that Twoaym creates, you can’t help but gravitate to the ambiance that she has set out. Allowing her influential elements to speak into her captivating melodies, you find yourself wanting to know more about the artist as she embarks on her storytelling voyages within her performances.

Twoaym has won us over as fans as we patiently await the release of her forthcoming album 'Unsolicited.'

Congratulations on the release of, “Koolin.” You have such a way of creating your own soundscape in the music you create! Could you please let us into what went into the creative process of “Koolin,” to get that desired sound?

Thank you! I truly appreciate you guys for listening. Honestly, when it comes to the creative process for any song I do, I’ve trained myself not to rush any of it. I’ve learned that if you rush something, it will sound rushed. With“ Koolin “, it was actually not supposed to be on my album but as soon as I heard the beat, I felt it. I knew right then and there that I had to at least do something with it, so I came up with the melody for the chorus first and then put lyrics to it. I had to break apart the beat and put it back together so that the melody would flow smooth with the beat but only me and the producer would’ve been able to notice. The chorus was originally supposed to come in after the first verse, but I thought the chorus sounded better upfront. When it comes to the first and second verse, my lyricism sums up me. Myself, with a hint of what people can relate to and that, ’s the goal for me as a songwriter which is to write songs that people can relate to other than myself even though most of the songs that I write are experiences that I have gone through. The outro is what my people have been saying for quite a while now. It’s not just what we see in the media either, it’s everywhere and it’s real.

What inspired you to make “Koolin,” the first official single off of your album “Unsolicited”?

What inspired me is life itself and grow. “At the end of the day I’m koolin’ “and that’s all I will ever be. When it comes to inspiration and sound, I’ve always been experimental like hey, I’m a songwriter. That’s what we do best is an experiment and I don’t stick to one specific sound. I’ve been told “Hey you remind me of a female version of Isaiah Rashad or Kendrick “and I appreciate that because those are great artists. But when I listen to my music, I hear myself and that’s what I want people who listen to my music to hear. What inspires my music in a whole, is other art.

Is “Koolin” a representation of what sound we can expect from the full album?

Yes. But you’ll definitely hear other than what you guys heard already. Overall, I want it to be a journey. If you’re into boom-bap, neo-soul, and r&b vibes, you’ll hear that. Sometimes artists stick to their comfort zone, I didn’t for this album. Not to mention, the producers are great, the features are great, and the engineer is great. I’ve been dropping snippets on my social media since I decided that I wanted to do an album. But what I want my listeners to know too is that I don’t make music just for you guys, I do it for myself because once again music heals so when I release “Unsolicited “, I want listeners to feel connected to me as well and not just the music.

What overall message would you like your listeners to take away from “Koolin”?

Be yourself, cut out all the bullshit, and focus on you. A lot of us don’t know how to chill out or just not worry about what others think of us and if our mental health is down bad, we don’t function properly! Understand that you can be your own mood even if the people who have secret animosity aren’t tryna hear or see it. Let them.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

Pure vibes. Cause without them, what do we have? Thanks for having me.



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