Remember to Keep Your Cool with Twoaym's Latest Hit, "Koolin"

Tiara Hill, affectionately known as Twoaym, is a multi-talented American Rapper, songwriter, and Producer hailing from Columbus, Ohio.

Coming from a family full of musicians, Twoaym started creating at a young age by playing musical instruments all by ear, such as drums, guitar, and piano, eventually leading up to her writing and recording rap verses by the age of 14.

Being one who is truly inspired by artists who have set milestones in the recording industry, Twoaym has gained attention for her songwriting techniques from artists such as Jackie Jackson, producer extraordinaire B.A.M, and many more.

With her recently dropped the single “Koolin,” the feature single off of her highly anticipated forthcoming album, “Unsolicited,” Twoaym’s versatility is something to look out for as she features a mixture of nostalgic and Hip-hop tones in the music she showcases.

“Koolin” submerges you in the laid back ambiance of everything Twoaym has to offer. The captivating melody of the instrumentation allows you to sink deep into your seat as you transport to the nostalgic world Twoaym opens you up to through the creative lens of her soul. The way that Twoaym’s vocals enter this piece shines a light on her smooth as butter cadences that highlight the deep and mesmerizing tonal distinction that she carries in her conveyance.

“Koolin “ is full of expressions that Twoaym sheds regarding the fact that she doesn’t have time for anyone out there looking to waste hers. Unfazed by life’s hardships, Twoaym wants her listeners to know that around her, you can effortlessly catch a vibe as she carries the “Koolin” mentality with her through her day to day life.