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Remember You’re Not A “Castaway,” In This Life With Letchen Grey’s Thought-Provoking Single

Energetic and powering through the rock scene easily, Letchen Grey has returned with yet another emotion-evoking single titled "Castaway."

The heavy-hitting sounds are led by members Mark Andersen (rhythm guitar), Tony Ross (drums), Bradley Mangrum (vocals), and Jeff Rey (bass), as this new sound they embody is fueled by the influence of songs from the '70s and '80s, with strong hooks and memorable guitar riffs.

Taking our attention to “Castaway,” we’re immediately pulled into the impeding emotion with a medley of sustained rummaging through the guitar riffs and tight-knit drum patterns that leap through the speakers.

Incorporating a vast number of components that allow the introduction of this record to provoke thought, it’s clear that Letchen Grey is gunning for a message that leaves an impact. Lathered into the punchy grooves, we have Bradley Mangrum’s raspy vocals, delivered effortlessly, yet simultaneously, he manages to convey each word with conviction.

“Castaway” emanates a message that focuses on escaping all we go through in life and being okay with ourselves as who we are. Giving the intoxicating melody a title like “Castaway,” the spin on this has our mind identifying with the poignant wording all too well. In life, it’s easy to label someone doing something for themselves as an outcast.

Collaborating alongside Eric Asevo, Alan Niven – formerly from Guns n Roses and Great White – as well as manager and Mark Andersen, to write the witty concept portrayed, Letchen Grey has a knack for taking us to a world beyond our front door as we find solitude in the musical offerings that this adaptive rock quartet continues to convey.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Letchen Grey! We loved escaping in the sounds of your latest record, “Castaway.” With such a witty concept for a song that delves into a myriad of emotions, how close do you find a subject like this to your heart as the years go on?

We are a Southern California Band. I grew up in a seaside town overlooking Catalina. I have been crossing this ocean channel to get to the island for as long as I can remember, and this natural setting inspired the rhythmic groove of Castaway. Lyrically I connect with the song because it inspires the listener to be okay with themselves, even if they’re alone, like a Castaway. I’m a big fan of Rock music. Still, we recognize that Reggae is the sound of positive vibration, and Bob Marley was a master of simple expressions of positivity - Lively Up Y'Self. Stir It Up, Get Up Stand Up, No Woman No Cry, One Love - so the desire was to contribute in some small way to that tradition. We don't hear The Wailers enough on American radio, and Marley occupied the street that ran between rock and punk - personifying the spirit of one and the credibility of the other. We just wanted to saunter down that street too.

This is a follow-up to the very well-received single "Burn.” How would you say the two express who Letchen Grey is as a whole while standing apart from one another?

Both songs have a really good groove and unique structure but are relatable to the listener. For example, Castaway doesn’t have a traditional chorus, but you only have to listen to the song once to remember the title and hopefully relate to the song's story. As for “standing apart from one another,” Burn is a knockdown, drag-out Rock song, and Castaway has a Reggae feel. This shows the band doesn’t have a “Niche” mentality.

Could you please shine a light on what the creative process looked like for you when working with Alan Niven and Chris Catero on the production component? Has this been a collaboration you’ve embarked on in the past?

Alan Niven is an extremely creative, intelligent, compassionate, and experienced man. He helped us express ourselves in ways we could not have done without his wisdom and guidance. Alan is very good at interpreting what we, as musicians, try to convey and takes things to a different level. He has many strengths as a producer, but his biggest talent is his ability to connect lyrically with listeners and how he provides vocal guidance.

Chris is a talented musician with a lot of recording knowledge. He knows all the tricks when it comes to technology. Chris was good at helping us with arrangements and getting the best performance out of us during the recording session. They are cool people, and we can’t wait to record with them again.

We love that you put together an official visualizer for this release. To whom do we owe this creative direction, and was it easy to develop this idea?

Chris Catero and I discussed a few more elaborate ideas, but in the end, we decided on a visualizer instead of a performance clip or a video with a script. So, Chris was the creative force behind the video.

If your listeners are struggling to find happiness within themselves, what words of encouragement do you have to offer them?

Life is full of disappointments, but life also gives us many moments to be grateful. Appreciating even the smallest events provides encouragement, which can lead to internal happiness. Remember, “You’ve got this.” In closing, we appreciate everyone interested in our music, and we hope to give them more soon.


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