Reminder to Never Stop Growing with Benjamino Debut, “To My Future Self”

Hit us by storm, Ben Cauduro also known as Benjamino originates from Wollongong NSW. Previously used throughout Sydney as a session player. Ben is venturing out on his own as a highly-skilled multi-instrumentalist and songwriter to show us what he can do. He steams his creative flow through the inspiring work of the modern hits like Arctic Monkeys and Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino all the way to later 90s bands. Coming in the year is Benjamino’s last EP, “To My Future Self”.

His debut, “To My Future Self”, it is exactly what the title suggests, a message the writer wishes to convey to himself as a writer. Wanting to retain his lust and drive for life and self-development. This is a deep message that many can relate to as life is a mystery and things can come out of nowhere, changing our paths, dreams, and endings. Self-improvement should be a journey throughout our lives not just “in our prime”. The video is playful and gets listeners an insight into the earlier life of Ben with old home videos. Lyrics like, “I’d like to send myself a message to my future to give the author more to write”. Don’t stop living. I love how he takes us back to 70s-80s, reminiscent of horns and keyboards in the band Chicago. Listen to "To My Future Self" here.

Hi Ben, welcome to BuzzMusic. Thank you for creating music with such a powerful message. What inspired you to ‘send a message to yourself’? 

Thanks, BuzzMusic! The inspiration for the song essentially came from my grandparents. In the “OK Boomer” era I have always found my grandparents to be very progressive on social issues and very active, unlike most people their age. Because of this, I wanted to “send a message to my future self” to tell him to stay adventurous, active and engaged in the modern world as much as possible.

As a multi-instrumentalist, I can hear your use of horns, keyboards, and percussion. Can you tell us what other instruments you play?

Well, I also play the guitar which is very softly played on the track too, but other than that I have recently bought a mandolin. I haven’t mastered it yet but I did figure out how to play Losing My Religion so that’s plenty for now.

Given your background as a session player, any works that we might recognize? 

Most of the acts I work with are completely different which is awesome. I regularly play with chart-topping Country artist Kora Naughton, my good friend and amazing Indie Rock songwriter Benefits, plus I’ve worked with Indie Pop bands such as Crystal Cities and Monatomic. I also play in a Frankie Valli tribute act, which is more focused on the older demographic which is lots of fun and also pays the bills!

With this theme of inspiring yourself to preserve and growth, will your next pieces continue to incorporate this message?

On the surface, my next few releases will be me talking about other people, but to me they still are about personal growth. Most of the songs I have written are little pieces of advice to myself. I often find that any anxieties or just things that I think about are common issues but aren’t really written about in songs, so I see that as something that is unique to my writing. Constantly nervous about your future or how others perceive you? Then listen to Benjamino!

Thanks for being with us and taking us back in time. Will Benjamino continue to be a solo act or do you see yourself collaborating with others? 

Thanks for having me! My favourite part about doing Benjamino is that I have the option to do things myself but also have other wonderful people around me if I need help. Plus, if Father John Misty or Alex Turner wanna collab then I’m always down!