Reminisce the Good Times With Wan's Passionate Single "Last Summer"

Hailing from Eldersburg, Maryland, the Singer/Songwriter and Producer Wan releases a sweet and reminiscent track titled, "Last Summer." 

Wan mentioned that growing up in Eldersburg helped his musical versatility thrive as his influences spanned anywhere from U2 to Jay-Z. Being a multi-instrumentalist (trumpet and piano) with a past in church choirs, Wan showcases his natural talent through his mesmerizing single "Last Summer." Everything from the alternative atmospheric instrumentals to the heartfelt storyline Wan sings truly makes it easy for the listener to place themselves as the main character in this summer love song. 

Opening with sweetly filtered electric guitar strums and a mid-tempo groove, "Last Summer" takes us back to our carefree summers. Once Wan's vocals appear, his filtered and mellow vocals carry the track to new and introspective places while explaining distant and passionate memories. The lighthearted alternative instrumentals sonically exude this feeling of reminiscence while leading the listener through the darkness with the bright light of this song. Wan sings lyrics of wishing to experience these events again, which all seems so far away, seeing as this summer is nothing but ordinary.

It would be an understatement to say that Wan's single "Last Summer" is a love song, as he showcases many different emotions within this tender piece while we relate with each lyric he faintly sings. All we're wondering now is what Wan will have to say about this summer. 

Listen to "Last Summer" here.