Reminisce With Myles Jéh and His Emotionally-Charged Single, "Excuses"

From Springfield, MA, the Singer/Songwriter, and Rapper Myles Jéh releases his melodic and emotional single, "Excuses."

While fusing R&B into this warm single, Myles Jéh offers immense versatility through his sweet vocals and conceptual bars. Formulating his sound to offer dynamic elements through the sounds of Hip-Hop and R&B, Myles Jéh also provides story-like lyricism that keeps the listener's undivided attention.

While performing at events like BET Network's 106 & Park and opening for acts like Shamarr Allen & The Underdawgs, and Kirstin Maldonado of Pentatonix, Myles Jéh is eager to get back on stage and swoon his audience once again.

With his recent single, "Excuses," Myles Jéh offers ambiance on a platter through the song's warm blend of organic/synthetic sonics that push an inviting R&B tone. Listening to Myles Jéh's vocals and bars, he goes back and forth from singing with a passion to confidently rapping about regretful themes surrounding a relationship and wishing it turned out differently.

"Excuses" opens with soft R&B production that floats with filtered guitar melodies and downtempo drum breaks. While Myles Jéh opens the song with his melodic vocals singing an emotional message, he quickly shifts into his rapping delivery, where he begins to expand on the sorrow storyline that fuels the track.

We love the deepness and passion that Myles Jéh has provided with his bars, as he delivers in this low and inviting tone that wraps around the listener like a warm embrace, even though his lyricism strikes an emotional chord near the heart. Continuing to sing of the troubled love he's experienced, the song comes to an end with the blissful R&B production that brings a slice of modernity.