Renata Vontobel Steals Our Hearts With Latest Release "Stellar"

Renata Vontobel, a 20 year old singer and songwriter from Porto Alegre, Brazil, grew up in a musical family and her uncle was an essential inspiration for her to pursue a career in music. She began writing her own music at a young age and had released an EP by the age of 13. In 2017, Vontobel moved to Los Angeles, California to begin a new chapter of her life in the USA. She has performed at venues such as The Whisky A Go Go, Pig N’ Whistle, State Social House and Bar 20 to name a few. Currently, she is in the acoustic pop group called “Simple Exchange”.

Renata Vontobel recently released a new single called “Stellar”. This single is quite a pleasant ballad to listen to. If I had to guess, I would guess that this young woman of 20 is actually a fair bit older; the maturity of the songwriting is striking. The song makes use of conventional rock instruments, such as drums, guitars, and a percussive piano that is pervasive throughout the song, giving the overall vibe that of traditional pop/rock music from decades past. The chorus has a great hook and is instantly memorable. The middle of the song is nicely broken up by a bridge that builds until the final soaring chorus enters in such a gratifying way. Her lyrics are passionate and delivered with confidence and sincerity. With “Stellar” as her latest single, we are excited to see what else this young artist is capable of! Bravo, Renata!

Listen to "Stellar" here and get to know Renata Vontobel in our interview below!

Growing up in Brazil, what was the music scene like there? Did you see live shows a lot, or was it mostly your uncle that got you into music?

I never listened much to Brazilian music, but I was very influenced by Br