RENEE Reminds Fans They Have “No Limit” With Christian/Pop Single

Nashville, Tennessee’s Christian/Pop Duo RENEE has something for their fans to hear. RENEE has just released their single “No Limit” that embodies positivity, hope, and inspiration. Having worked with multi Dove and Grammy-winning producer Tedd T., the duo is on the road to creating more music that allows them to connect with their audiences.

The upbeat Christian/Pop dance song, “No Limit,” kicks off with melodious plucking of a bass guitar. Almost immediately afterward, the energy begins to escalate with the addition of percussion and striking vocals. During the verses of “No Limit,” the background is maintained at a melody of bass guitar and percussion, which directs attention to the powerful vocals. RENEE cranks it up a notch with their lively chorus. During the chorus, the instruments are joined by electronic sounds combined with vocal trills and counter melodies. Much like a typical electronic dance song, there are a few bars of electro music with a solid beat after the choruses build up to a drop. RENEE’s lyrics speak to the endless possibilities we have when God is on our side. They allow fans to relate by singing about feeling discouraged, only to remind their audience that there is no limit to what they can do.

Listen to "No Limit" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic RENEE! Your newest release “No Limit” was surely a motivational track. Can you elaborate on the message you are trying to send through your lyrics?

We really want to encourage people through this song. Even tho we can’t see the future, God can and there is No Limit when we surrender everything to Him.

Can you tell us about how you discovered your initial passion for music and came to learn a variety of instruments?

I think most people love music in some way.  For us, it was early on in life when we began to really love music. We used to watch Barbie DVDs and learn every song in the movie.  Then it became more clear as we started getting older, and we knew God was calling us to lift His name through song. 

You are a Christian/Pop band that incorporates some religious aspects into your music. Can you tell us what this means to you, and why you choose to express your religion through your songs? We wanted to share songs that are important.  We believe the most important thing someone can do is trust Christ, and we pray our songs to reflect that message.  What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020? We are actually playing a lot of Christian Festivals this summer and Fall.  We are also sending a song to the radio late summer.  If you want to keep up where we are going to be playing at you can Text RENEE to 555888 or check out our website as well