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Renee Stahl Ensures That the Beauty Will Shine Through Pain in "Every Tear is a Prayer"

Renee Stahl is known for her haunting vocalization that has a tendency of hitting you right in your heart. She has long been regarded as one of those few artists who can truly create inimitable melodies but who has a massive appeal within the mainstream.

While her songwriting is powerful, it’s also relatable for her audience to dive into. Taking on the challenge, she works deeply to create specifically for the individuals tuning in.

Dipping into the rich tenors released in her latest single, “Every Tear is a Prayer,” Renee Stahl collaborates with friend and mastermind producer Rich Jacques to bring utter depth to the strikingly raw emotion shed. Beautiful reflections simmer in this composition in both a lyrical and instrumental manner.

The components gracefully immerse your mind as this slow-tempo ballad maneuvers around the use of special ratios as space heard acts as an instrument to convey the messaging. The ethereal ambiance that glistens on a bed of chiming piano, shimmering electronica, and gentle pulsation has you able to fixate on each element as they shine individually and work together as a whole to create the stroke of genius that is, “Every Tear is a Prayer.”

Renee Stahl’s vocalization sits on a shimmering cloud of mystical dreamscape at their finest moment. You are encouraged to fall into her inviting embrace as she stimulates your mind in the thought-provoking reflections she releases.

“Every Tear is a Prayer” combines signature comfort found in the Alternative Indie-Pop genre, but Renee Stahl reminds listeners that this offering stems from a painful and personal place. Having cared for her father in her own home for the final three months of his life, the song captures both the heart-wrenching, intense emotion endured, as well as the celebration of life and love that comes from such an intimate and challenging situation.

Renee Stahl and Rich Jacques have the harmonious splendor of this exemplary single jump out of the speakers as it wraps you in its tender contributions. Job exceedingly well done.

We admire the beauty released in your most recent single, “Every Tear is a Prayer.” Coming from such a deep place within, how important is it for you to transfer your personal experiences into sonic melodies?

Thank you, I mostly write from personal experiences. This was such a healing experience for me pouring the grief of losing my dad into my music.

What was it like working with Rich Jacques in order to achieve the desired sound that “Every Tear is a Prayer” embodies?

Rich and I have been working together for years. We work so easily together. He is very sensitive to what an artist needs. I trust him immensely.

In your artistic journey thus far, what is your proudest moment as an artist?

Honestly, collaborating with my daughters has been the proudest moment for me. They are on my “Kindred” CD with my Renee and Friends project.

What are you hoping that your audience takes away from your overall messaging as an artist?

My hope has always been that when people hear my music they are moved in one way or another, whether that be to tears, and/or that it inspires them to create something of their own

What's next for you?

I am finishing up a new CD with my Renee and Jeremy project ( music for children of all ages). We are really excited about this new collection of cover songs.


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