Renowned Producer Ro Bradley Releases New Single “Nothing Left” With Canadian Urban Artist KVNE

A year after his latest release, Ro Bradley is back and better than ever after signing with Canadian independent label Killa Kartel. The label’s biggest artist, Kevin Edworthy, professionally known as KVNE, pairs his intelligent lyricism and urban-pop styling with Ro’s uplifting and energetic melodies. Written in collaboration with another BuzzMusic favorite, LowKeyyTM, they release “Nothing Left”. This new track combines two immensely diverse artists to form a genre-bending, groundbreaking and refreshing new addition to Killa Kartel’s impressive repertoire. Being able to bring Ro Bradley on board is a testament to what Killa Kartel are able to achieve, the partnership proves The Kartel are massively on the rise and are a force to be reckoned with. “Ballerina” by KVNE has just surpassed 100k steams in a month on Spotify and shows no signs of slowing down. "Nothing Left" is the first single on Killa Kartel by Ro Bradley, followed in September by “Lost Without You”, his most anticipated song to date. As artists, the duo aim to get people thinking about the strains of modern day life on a society of people growing ever distant from one another.

Ro Bradley and KVNE teamed up to release a peak dance floor anthem “Nothing Left”. Rarely do you get such a professionally crafted and impressive fusion of urban pop and house music. Few attempt it and fewer do it well, but Ro Bradley and KVNE have mastered the art in this case. Seeing the full force of high energy, rhythmically flawless, verses pour through amidst a heavy electronic backdrop forces the vibe even higher. This fusion of elements is as rare as can be, and just to showcase further the impressive building blocks that make it what it is, KVNE’s lyrics hit with meaning and impact but allow for a few minutes of escapism. The intensity throughout “Nothing Left” comes from the pace, the relentless flow, and the refusal to fall below par. The track quickly steps into it's role as an alternative anthem that focuses on consumerism and issues of material greed in modern society. The topic at hand is relatable and sparks similarities and connections with all listeners. Absolutely worth letting play more than a few times. Brilliantly creative and consistently professional sound design. I look forward to hearing more from KVNE and Ro Bradley! 

Check out “Nothing Left” here and keep scrolling for more with KVNE and Ro Bradley!

Hey KVNE and Ro Bradley! Congratulations on the release of “Nothing Left”. What was the main goal of this song? What do you hope your fans take away from it?

Thank you! The main goal of the song was defiantly to get started on Spotify and with Kevin & The Killa Kartel, I have done a lot in music but I missed out on the whole Spotify Buzz, Kevin was the one that convinced me to just get to it and start releasing music, I was working on my debut album but honestly I make so much stuff for me and other artists that I just started to stockpile really, I mixed and mastered the track which I was a bit skeptical about but again all the credit goes to Kevin for kicking my ass into gear and just putting music out there! 

I hope fans see the old me and the new me come through, particularly for people that dont know me, I have a lot of different sounds and as a producer I make a lot of genres, I also think to get KVNE on his first Dance track was a big step for him, he really stepped up to the bar and he is really really going places, FAST.

What are the main factors required in order for a contemporary producer to make waves within the scene?

The main factors required to makes waves is a tough question, because the Industry has changed so much that there is defiantly no road map to follow. That being said you have to look at your music like any product or business, if you don't have a solid plan you won't create any longevity, so many people are focused on likes and streaming numbers that they forget what its really about, its about creating a connection with someone who will keep following you and pushing you to keep going. I would say make sure your product is upto the standards of the other songs out there, look at what a big label does and try and get as close as you can, its really hard but they have huge teams of people, independently you have to be the whole business, ultimately marketing is something people have to think about, people aren't just going to hear your song because you post on social media, like any product a huge amount of money, time and planning goes into the promotion, and then you hope people like it and the response is good. 

“Nothing Left” is an incredibly creative and original new track! How do you get started with a piece like this, and how do you know when it’s done and ready to be shared?

Thanks you! I actually created the original beat with a vocal sample, then I sent it over to Kevin and he worked his magic, he sent me back the vocals and I reworked the track to fit, it wasn't easy because as you said it is unique and creative, and different so I spent a lot of time questioning it and making changes, Its almost like a hip hop/rnb big room house track, but thats up to others to decide. I always tend to criticize my work comparing it to others but in the end you just have to take a leap. 

Do you write from a love for music first or a desire to express something meaningful in a manner that will more likely be heard by many?

I absolutely write for the love, the Industry is exhausting and I cant tell you how many times i've wanted to give up, but I just love sitting down and producing, playing instruments and writing, I tried to stop to have a more simple life, I thought I wanted a normal life and a normal job but I guess life has a different plan, if you don't do it for the love and you do it to be famous, more often than not its not going to last, most of the artists out there that are successful are completely authentic, they had to go through a lot of criticism and really believe in their sound and message. 

Can we expect more collaborations between you two in the future? What’s next for you both through the end of 2019?

100%. This actually is not the first track I made with Kevin, I was working on another dance track with him and Jazzmyn Wolfe, another amazing singer from Canada, so I hope to finish that off probably for my debut album, me and Kevin are obsessed so I know I can send him something and he can finish it off in a day. I know he has his first album dropping in September so we are all really excited for that! As for me I have a big single with an amazing video we filmed in Wales coming out in September/October, then I really want to focus on my album, that for me was always the final goal to put out a body of work. This is definitely only the start. 


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