Renz Azores Shows Us What True Love Looks Like In New Music Video, "A Day Without A Night"

From the Philippines to Toronto, versatile recording artist and sweet singer-songwriter Renz Azores melt our hearts with his passionate new music video for "A Day Without A Night."

After moving to Toronto in 2016, Renz Azores went full-throttle on his music career and never looked back. With a variety of heartfelt releases alongside renowned artists and producers, listeners will definitely enjoy Renz Azores's versatile alternative rock, r&b, and slowcore sound.

Cracking open our hearts is Renz Azores's latest music video for his lush and dynamic single, "A Day Without A Night." The song itself offers a sweet modern ballad that sings of two lovers falling in love with each other more as each day passes. Produced by Grammy-nominated producer Calvin Hartwick, let's dive into the surreal sensations of Azores's picturesque music video.

Looking at the video for "A Day Without A Night," the journey begins with innocent scenes of Azores and his female counterpart Lily Meng enjoying each other's company while strolling into a café, holding each other's hands and making it clear they're in for the long haul. Other similar scenes tug on our heartstrings when the couple galavants through a sunflower field and relishes the warmth of nature and young love.

From playful car rides to walks on the beach, both Renz Azores and Lily Meng showcase the beauty and purity of true love perfectly. Towards the video's end, the song ramps up the energy and alt-rock instrumentals to capture the stimulating emotions we feel when swooned by someone who only wants what's best for us.

Experience the essence of true love through Renz Azores's passionate and chilling music video for "A Day Without A Night," now available to watch on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Renz Azores. Our hearts have truly melted after watching your passionate music video for "A Day Without A Night." When did you begin feeling inspired to write the song itself?

Thank you for having me. BuzzMusic, I am very grateful to have this interview with you! I started writing this song when I asked someone like, "What is a good title for a song?" and then she suggested a lot! One of them was a title called "Can I have a day with you?" (Which became the first official verse of the song), then I started singing some melodies within that sentence. I felt inspired to continue writing on it, and soon after, I sang "A Day Without a Night," which hooked me up instantly! It has a deep meaning that is connected to the first verse. For me, "ADWAN" means an unending day that can be translated to forever, and if you connect it with the lyrics "Can I have a day with you?" and "A Day would be enough," it actually means "Can I have forever with you?" and "Forever would be enough."

Speaking on your heartfelt lyrical content in "A Day Without A Night," was it easy to write your passionate and vulnerable words? What was that process like?

It wasn't easy writing this song. I was stuck for a month just trying to make a good bridge, and then I thought about wanting to escape reality and began strumming my guitar as upbeat as possible, and then I started singing, "Run free, everything's alright. Hold me, a day without a night." Little did I know, I started tearing up, and I was like, "It was so beautifully made!" because it actually means that you are reassuring someone that they are already safe by your side forever. After that, I went to the studio, recorded the song, and everything just fit in perfectly!

What was it like working alongside the female lead, Lily Meng, for the "A Day Without A Night" music video? How did she help bring your ideas to life?

Lily is just phenomenal! Out of more than 50 candidates, we chose her for the role because I saw her potential. The moment we were on the set, she just made it lively, which was the thing that we needed the most! Everything felt natural, and it was so surreal that it was like we'd known each other for a very long time. She also contributed to the scenes in the music video, like the sunflower name scene, spinning transitions, and much more. Talking about beauty and brain, she has it all!

What did you want the viewer to take away from such a passionate and touching music video like "A Day Without A Night?"

I hope the viewer feels relaxed and safe from the anxiety of life. If you noticed the silk cloth that I put on from Lily, it signifies protection from the outside world, and in the end, we both shared it to create a world that only has a state of euphoria. I wish this inspired the viewers to appreciate and cherish every moment they have with their loved ones.

What's next for you?

If you saw the song cover of "Bullet Sun," there is something that I was holding, and if you also watched the music video of "ADWAN" closely, you will see the blue sapphire necklace on Lily! So, you know what that means? The hints from the previous songs are going to be the sequel for my next music. It will be called Blue Rose and will be coming this mid-August, so stay tuned! Thank you very much for having me BuzzMusic and the fans who read through here.