Resonanz Kreis Debuts Electrifying New Single “Minute Beat”

Resonanz Kreis recently released a new single, “Minute Beat” off his album “Analogue Influence” and this song was a highly intriguing and mesmerizing hit! “Minute Beat” had a thumping introduction and an exhilarating arrangement. The energy in “Minute Beat” was volatile and hard-hitting, taking its listener into the world of electronic dance music. “Minute Beat” is the perfect song to get the dancefloor jumping! It’s explosive mixed with ethereal elements to have you feeling like you’re on a natural high! Resonanz Kreis gives you harmony, frequency, and vibrations within the song and yourself. “Minute Beat” reflects the intimate journey accompanied by gloomy and enveloping sounds. “Minute Beat” was a headbanging song that left us satisfied and wanting more!

Each element in “Minute Beat” was phenomenally exciting and trailblazing! Resonanz Kreis had a special way of reeling his listener in and keeping us addicted to the rhythm! After listening to “Minute Beat” you will find yourself repeating the song because the musical experience that Resonanz Kreis creates is so contagious you would not want to escape it! Resonanz Kreis shows us how creative he can get! This ambitious song is just a glimpse of what you can expect out of him!

You can listen to “Minute Beat” by Resonanz Kreis here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Resonanz Kreis! What initially drove you into music? What was your influence/inspiration?

Hello and thank you, the Resonanz Kreis project was born in the late '90s. I started mixing vinyl and then I approached the sampler and sequencer. I've always loved electronic music. Depeche Mode, Röyksopp, Plaid, Autechre, Kraftwerk. Very influenced by the new wave and dark 80s sounds.

Tell us about your song “Minute Beat”! How does this reflect the theme of your album “Analogue Influence”  and why?

Minute Beat is the most rhythmic and charged track on the disc, without abandoning the dark vein. I think the whole album has a dark theme but not for this sad and oppressive.

What was the most challenging aspect for you as an artist when creating “Minute Beat” and why? Generally I create slower tracks, it's an unusual thing to create an almost danceable song for me. I liked the result very much.

Did you experiment with any new elements in “Minute Beat”? If so which?

I got involved in a kick dance and I built on it. Strange to start from a pounding beat and bring it to my world.

What’s next for you Resonanz Kreis?

The future will always be dedicated to music, I'm already having ideas for new tracks.