"RESPECT" Is Dreadward Bernays' Latest Beat-Driven, Aura Provoking Hit

Think of those massively popular youtube live stream radios that always broadcast Lo-Fi chill beats to study to. There's gotta be a reason people exclusively choose these avenues to get some well-desired vibes? But, when you think about it, it's because the music they feature is; consistent, contagiously addictive, relaxing, and yet still commanding of attention. It's with this precise formula, Dreadward Bernays' attracts attention with his new single, "RESPECT," reaching us from the deepest foundations of eclectic RnB's golden caverns of LoFi psychedelia.

 As an instrumental, Dreadward Bernays shows impressive talent in capturing attention with his non-overproduced approach. With a persistently punchy 808 directing the rhythm of the crisp electronic beat, an ominous harp-like synth imparts a wandering tone to support a mellow pensive theme. As the drenched reverb guitar becomes what seems to be the main highlighting feature of the track, a rebelliously sexy sub synth hounds the melody forward. It takes the crown as the real injector of genre-mixing dominance in this track. However, there is another pulse present within the overall mix; a recurrent heartbeat-like drone that endeavors to urge some momentum forward. It's this combination of seemingly hot and cold air, which he manages to combine into his tracks hitting like a hurricane in reliably vibey hooks. With lots of room and air to breathe, this track lands right where it feels like it would fit best; in the massively popular curation of the most LoFi-ambience inducing gold.

You can find "RESPECT VIDEO" here.