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"Rest Of Your Life” By Madam Adam Will Leave You Enthralled

Madam Adam is a four piece rock outfit from the great American South, but they don’t play any southern rock! Their style was born in a garage from their influences of punk rock, grunge and jazz. From that point, they have evolved into their own flavor of melodic pop rock. After several touring stints, vocalist/guitarist Scott Gould and lead guitarist Alan Price opened their own recording studio, Hybrid Audio Solutions, in their hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. This allowed the group to free themselves of previous constraints imposed by record contracts, allowing them more creative control and the ability to experiment at will. Their sounds are still centred around guitar tones, resounding melodies, tasteful harmonies and a tight rhythm section. They have a myriad of influences from so many different kinds of music that it would be difficult to put them in a box and label them with a genre, and that’s the way they like it.

Released today, “Rest of Your Life” is a single by Madam Adam. The song begins with a delightful sounding guitar with a slap-back echo. This is an under-utilized technique in the guitar world that is used to great effect here. Following that, the vocals enter and there is a sub-bass synth that pulsates through the first verse. Within just about 30 seconds, this band have already crossed lines into about 3 or 4 different genres, making for a very refreshing song right from the get go. The vocals could be in a pop song, the synths could be in an EDM track, the guitars could easily be in a rock band and the drums could fit in a classic rock outfit. Each instrument is executed with obvious skill, and the vocals are well placed in the mix and definitely draw out every ounce of emotion. The arrangement of this song is superb, with each instrument well defined in the mix and no two sounds stepping on each other. Each aspect that is introduced complements everything else perfectly. An arrangement of this quality is difficult to pull off, and yet Madam Adam seems to make it happen with relative ease. The song is heartfelt, tuneful, sincere, and actually quite emotional. Please, do yourself a favor and check out Madam Adam’s new single today, you can thank us later!

Listen to "Rest Of Your Life" here and get to know more about Madam Adam below!

Thank you so much for answering a few questions! To start off, can you dive in a bit to how you all met and formed Madam Adam?

The band originally formed when the majority of us were still in high school and it has evolved and changed shape a bit over the last decade or so.  Several record deals and years of touring brought a member change and in 2014 guitarist Alan Price joined us, the band regrouped and began working on new music and forging our own new creative path. We are all cut from the same cloth and our music has became one of our most important outlets for us in life.

“Rest of Your Life” is your new single, and it’s actually mind-bending in terms of how many sounds you guys use. The arrangement is particularly tastefully done. Can you talk a little bit about how this song came to be? How did you put all these elements together?

This song came to us relatively quickly.  It started with the delayed guitar line.  It just sort of popped out while we were rehearsing for a show, and from that it grew into a nearly complete musical arrangement in about 20 minutes or so. The original rehearsal demos we made for the song are nearly identical to what would come to be the finished song. The song features the entire band singing gang vocals throughout the bridge and chorus which we used to reinforce the underlying theme.  The song has has a powerful and unifying message, and in writing this song we felt we were speaking to that sentiment both musically and literally. It just made sense.

You speak about a multitude of influences from grunge to jazz. Who would you say your biggest collective influences are as a band?

We always find ourselves talking about bands like Silverchair, Queens of the Stone Age, Nirvana, Queen, and Weezer being early influences in our approach.  The 90’s made an undeniable and lasting mark on all things music, but it was also the decade where music really began to affect us, so it has a strong foundation in Madam Adam. These days we have found ourselves influenced by everything from new pop/electronic artists and 70’s and 80’s style rock. We’ve never pigeon holed ourselves in terms of genre and style of music, and we want to continue to create songs in the way they want to be written.

Can you describe the writing process you go through as a band? Is it one person’s ideas, or do you all feed off each other’s creative energy?

We have done it every way it can be done. In the case of “Rest of Your Life” it was purely a collaborative effort from start to finish. Many times however, one of us might come into a rehearsal with an idea on guitar, or a vocal melody/lyric idea, sometimes even just a simple rhythmic feel and from there we all just build on it. Some ideas come quickly while others have taken years to wrap up. Generally speaking, we feed off of the unique energy each of us brings to a song.  Our sound is simply the combination of flavours that you get from each of us as musicians.  We tend to allow songs to write themselves and we don’t worry about whether or not it fits a certain genre or if it’s a “radio song”.

What can we hope to see from Madam Adam in 2019 and beyond

Over the last 5 years we have established our own recording studio, Hybrid Audio Solutions, where we can create music without constraint. We have a multitude of songs in the can now and are working on finishing more music over the next few months. We plan to release a more singles as we finish them, and then sort have everything culminate into a full-length album release late 2019 early 2020. We have also started a Madam Adam music subscription service via Patreon, to eventually give fans an in-depth look into our creative processes and also to act as our fan club.  Fans can sign up for unique merchandise, up to date news and info, early access to new music, and occasional sneak peak videos and music demos.


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