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“RESTLESS” By Rufus Buck Will Be The Hottest Track Of The Summer!

Rufus Buck is up and coming pop/hip-hop artist and producer from the UK. He puts his heart and soul into his music.. And a little autotune and we love it. His ear for excellence has lead him to create and release his first single “RESTLESS” and we are bumping it on repeat! This first release is an ode to the last 5 years of Rufus Buck’s life and everything he’s endured.

The intro to “RESTLESS” is hypnotizing and alluring. His vocals are distinctive and expressive. I love the melodious and light synths that match perfectly with the steady and deliberate back beat. Rufus Buck songwriting skills are what set him apart from other artists in today’s mainstream pop/hip-hop scene. The lyrical arrangement is so easy for Rufus’ audience to relate too. A person’s eternal struggle with slowing down their mind however that may be. “RESTLESS” is a therapeutic anthem for fans who have been through something in their life. The verses where Rufus is rapping are so appealing to hear that harder side of his voice. The meaningful lyrics are raw and powerful. It’s the perfect balance and opposite for the chorus of the song. The imaginative Rufus Buck is hoping to release a full EP this summer 2019! Stay on the lookout for this spectacular beat creator.

Listen to "Restless" here and get to know more about Rufus Buck below!

Can you tell us more about where you're from and how you got started in music and producing?

My story is probably like many, nothing crazy. I’m from the north east of England (Sam Fender country) a small town just outside of Newcastle. i grew up playing drums around the age 12. pretty quickly i was playing clubs and pubs with my band and any one else who needed a drummer. Did that until I decided at 15 to start learning the ins and outs of live production (mainly FOH sound). I had a terrible school life (honestly wasn’t a band kid, just school was not for me)  and because I spent so much time in music venues playing/watching gigs I found myself always talking to the engineers at the venues. I was also big into theatre so I cut my teeth doing sound for musicals. That’s how I met my wife, when we where 8 doing amateur theatre with our parents. From live sound I turned to studio production. I was always asked to record my friends bands so (me and a pal) decided to open a small space to try and work with artists who wanted to release original material.

We love your first single! Can you tell us more about the meaning behind it?

Restless is the last five years of my life In 3mins something. I hurt my back in a water slide accident when I was on holiday in 2014. Since then I’ve had 2 spinal surgeries (one of which I am recovering from as I type this). struggled with prescription medication addiction and depression. I’ve always struggled with mental health and used my music as an outlet to get stuff off my chest. This song has been along time coming.

What is your writing/ creating process like?

It’s changed a lot since I hurt my back. At one time I’d lock my self away for hours until something stuck. Now I’m all laptop on the sofa with a little midi keyboard... if something catches I’ll head to the studio. I’m always making beats (I have a beatstore those always start melodically. But my music it’s like pulling teeth most the time. Because of the content of my songs I always spend a lot of time analysing what I am trying to say and the message I want to get across so when I finish the song that chapter has been put to bed... if that makes sense.

Who are your artistic inspirations?

I have so many.... growing up, my Dad was huge into prog rock bands so there was a lot of Genesis playing around the house. But I also remember growing up listening to a lot off  10cc, Queen, Adam Ant, Wham etc. From there I started exploring the obvious stuff, Lennon, The Stones, Bowie, Petty... While being in love bands like Nirvana, Blink 182, Green day, arctic monkeys, The Libertines ( i love The Libertines, my first tattoo was in tribute) The Strokes. I just liked anything that spread a message of be your self. Now my tastes are so vast I make playlists called “The OG Serious” I have 13 at the moment all with like 14 hours of music in them. And I’m them there’s anything from Father John Misty to JuiceWRLD to Ludwig Van’s Moonlight Sonata.

What can we except from your much anticipated EP?

Music you can dance and cry to.


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