Retro Color Releases Self-Love Anthem “Free”

The pop/rock brother duo has set out to spread positivity through their music from Temecula, California. Incorporating music styles from bands like Green Day and Fall out Boy, Retro Color likes to keep their hooks energetic and straightforward – with a punk edge. Taking advantage of their platform, they have just released a self-love anthem single called “Free.” The song’s catchy melody makes it easy to sing along, and the brothers’ musical talents are in sync throughout the entire song.

Because of its laid back tempo, “Free” is the type of song that crowds can wave their arms to in unison. Combined with a rock and roll drumming background and groovy keyboard melody, Retro Color’s passionate vocals easily resonate with the listener. The lyrics of “Free” seem to equate the concept of being free with being yourself. They point to the idea that in life, we all have goals and plans for the future in hopes of achieving a state of contentment. Retro Color’s important message for fans is that true happiness can happen today, living with the courage to be yourself, one can let go of the expectations of society and truly be free.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Retro Color! We were uplifted and inspired by your new single “Free.” Could you tell us more about the message behind the lyrics of “Free?”

“Free” is a song about individuality and being yourself. What we intended to say when writing this song is that it is possible for you to do whatever you want with your life as a unique individual.

Can you describe the inspiration you draw from bands such as Green Day and Fall out Boy?

The first album we owned was Gre