Retro Color Tells a Bittersweet Tale in "The Story of Us"

From Temecula, California, the uplifting pop/rock artist, musician, and singer-songwriter Retro Color releases a hearty music video for his latest anthemic single, "The Story of Us."

Striving to promote self-love, confidence, and acceptance within his fanbase, Retro Color creates punchy pop/rock/punk tunes to get anyone out of their seat and chanting his honest lyricism. Inspired by Green Day and Fall Out Boy, listeners can easily sing along with Retro Color's melodies and get down with his energetic beats, all of which captivate any listener.

Expanding on his recent release, "The Story of Us," Retro Color offers a brilliant and lively music video for viewers to put a face to a name and introduce themselves to Retro Color's many ways. As he brings all the energy and stamina we can find in modern pop-rock/punk, Retro Color leaves us basking in the video's heart and vibrance from beginning to end.

Hitting play on the video for "The Story of Us," the scene opens with a few different shots of Retro Color pondering his relationship while looking out on California's horizon and sitting alone in a black-painted room. As he begins pouring his heart out through lyrics like "I woke up to a phone call saying that you don't need me, now I'm one of your exes," the music video begins to pick up in energy.

As Retro Color storms his way down a suburban side street with nothing but his electric guitar, he truly sets an exhilarating and lively feel to the overall experience. Not to mention shots of Retro Color scream-singing into a sunflower; viewers can witness the immense heart, passion, and charisma that Retro Color has to offer.

Scream yo