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RetroMind Wants A Love That’ll Last Forever On “All The Way”

Can we hold hands till we fade away?

Occasionally, in the chaotic but beautiful world of music, the pure, innocent joy of singing and jamming with friends in childhood gives way to something exceedingly special and precious.

This statement rings true for longtime friends Aditya and Keshav; forming RetroMind as the next extension of their childhood dreams, the two friends have been putting their chemistry and musical abilities to work.

As they captivate with their contemporary blend of indie alt, rock, and pop, they continue to impress at every turn, living their dreams out every step.

RetroMind has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Counting bands like the legendary Guns n Roses and Metallica as influences, they’ve gone from rocking out at night and being a nuisance to the guys next door to fully fleshing out and writing their original music.

They’ve been living their dreams, pure and simple. Having released three singles in the past year, all signs point to them keeping their momentum and continuing their hot streak. As they continue to write their musical story in the stars, one thing is certain: the future looks exceedingly bright, and we can’t wait to see where their musical journey takes them.

Soft, dreamy, and ethereal, RetroMind’s latest release, “All The Way,” is the latest result of their expansive artistic vision. Gentle guitars and piano keys beckon you to their comforting soundscapes, and tender vocals sap your worry and apprehension away.

As lines like “Don’t love me now and then walk away / stay here with me till we fade away” are delivered with what feels like the purest sincerity, RetroMind captures the beautiful yet complex vulnerability relationships hold. With its lo-fi vibes and perfectly complimentary vocal and instrumental performance, “All The Way” is a beautiful release that’ll scratch your dream-pop itches.

RetroMind’s latest release, “All The Way,” is a brilliant continuation of the musical legacy this talented duo is painstakingly crafting.

Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream RetroMind’s latest release, “All The Way,” on all major streaming platforms.

We loved "All The Way," we had to ask! What was the inspiration behind this release? Were you drawing from any personal experiences?

We were trying to create something musically simple and catchy with All the Way. The melodies represent that. We have produced the song to capture the emotion and still stay catchy regarding beats and production. The lyrics were first inspired purely by personal experiences and drafted with some technical adjustments. But as time went on, we grew out of the initial draft.

We wrote two different lyrics for the song. We kept the chorus from the first lyrics, but the verse and the bridge were taken from another composition. They are still partially inspired by personal experiences but partially by a retrospective space after what we saw around us.

How people's fears and toxic habits affect relationships that ultimately crumble because of the mess our generation is. But it also touches upon the power of genuinely holding on and embracing love, so it's life.

So you two have been friends for ages, right? What inspired you to make the jump and start doing music together?

We were in the same band when we were in school. Aditya was the lead guitarist, and Keshav was a vocalist and rhythm guitarist. We performed together from 12 to 17 and then were in different cities for our graduation.

Keshav: The most cliché thing made me write my first few songs. Struck down in love, I wrote some prose poetry and acoustic pop stuff, but I always fell back on Aditya's opinion about the compositions and the lyrics just because I was so used to that. We could develop this duo together and create something solid, so I contacted him.

Aditya: After I graduated college, I realized there was nothing apart from music that I knew much about. So, I decided to pursue music. Keshav had contacted me earlier for the same, so I decided to make music with him. 

What was your favorite part of the creative process for this release, and what did you think when you heard the completed version for the first time?

The favourite part of the creative process was the composition brainstorming which included quite a bit of freestyling to the rhythm and music. Also, listening to a new version shared by the producer or mixing engineer is always exciting and stressful. It is fun when things come out to be how we want them. 

What do you want people to feel when they hear your music?

We don't limit ourselves to any genre. No two songs are remotely similar in composition, genre, and vibe of our three releases. We've produced each song in a manner that does the most justice to the melodies and lyrics. All The Way has a different feel – A lo-fi, momentum-building vibe. We think it will be a reeler-kinda song – good for drives and hangout sessions.

What's next for RetroMind? Can we expect to hear more new music soon, and is there anything you want to say to your fans?

We are a bit unorganized. Just a few days back, we decided to do an EP, and since then, we have started working on four songs in total, three of which are not a part of the EP. Regardless, we plan to complete songs and release them because we have so much material. Our fans should expect another stream of singles in the Spring and an EP before summer kicks in!

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