RETURNING: GR3YWXLF With Latest Single “MAD."

We’re welcoming back a BuzzMusic favorite: GR3YWXLF. A hip/hop artist that is crafting his pure and honest sound track by track. We’re pleased to bring back GR3YWXLF to all of you BuzzMusic readers—he’s undoubtedly a multi-talented artist, and can show off his artistic abilities through the curation of his music. GR3YWXLF combines the most popular and respected elements of the hip/hop scene, and mixes it together with his vision on what great music is. Through this, GR3YWXLF produces tracks that are significant in both meaning and execution. This is why we had high hopes for GR3YWXLF’s most recent single “MAD.”, and after listening, we knew he surpassed them. 

GR3YWXLF is back at it, curating music that is beyond catchy, and gives you versatile production methods. “MAD.” gives us similar vibes to the sound of a blended Kendrick Lamar and 6LACK. The twist in tone GR3YWXLF maintains throughout his tracks is phenomenal. We appreciate the level of talent this takes to create such a track filled with unique expression, and a type of flow that is almost impossible to fabricate as a recording artist. GR3YWXLF never disappoints us, which is why we’re psyched every time he comes out with a new track, because we know we can feature quality music that our listeners will appreciate and vibe along to with us. There’s a genuine equilibrium that GR3YWXLF resonates with in his tracks, especially so for “MAD.”, and we can feel the depth in his vulnerability throughout the track—he peels apart himself in front of his listeners through his flowing lyricism. Another great track from a great artist, and we’ve already added “MAD.” to our playlists! 

Check out “MAD.” here, as well as GR3YWXLF’s exclusive interview below!

Hello again GR3YWXLF—welcome back! How’ve you been since we interviewed?!

Yo! Thanks for having me back once again! I've been all good, busy trying to stay on my creative grind but can't complain!

Tell us more about your latest single “MAD.” and your truth behind the track?

So my latest single, "MAD." was actually inspired by an argument I had with someone who was really (and I mean really) dialed up in their feelings. Instead of allowing myself to be consumed by how frivolous the exchange was, I took that and used it as a springboard to explore ego and stunt a little bit for this vibe. I suspect they are probably still quite salty right now though, but hey such is life. 

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: your music has an incredibly heavy lyrical presence to it. What’s the most important element to you that you want to have your listeners resonate with as well?

Ah big love, thank you! I'm all about crafting music with some form of substance so I'm really glad lyricism is shining through thus far. That's a really good question you pose, and I'd say the most important element to me is "realness". Nowadays its easy enough to spend 2-3 mins saying mostly nothing over a beat, bragging about things most can only imagine. I just want some form of relatability to resonate with listeners, whatever the mood, whatever the song is. 

What is your life’s philosophy?

Everybody has got a role, no matter how big or small you perceive it. The most important thing is to play your part to the best of your abilities. Also, effective world domination. The aim is to rule the world, since I'm a super villain and stuff so that's the other mantra. 

We’ve been loving all of the new tracks you’ve put out lately. Please tell us that we can expect to see more throughout the rest of 2019?

Appreciate you greatly! Real happy you have been enjoying the drops so far that truly means a lot! You most certainly can expect to see / hear more throughout the remainder of 2019, I've set myself the target of releasing every month so rest assured I'm going to be hitting you with music for a while yet. Cooking up all year!

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