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Revel In Themes Of Love And Authenticity With Avvi's Heartfelt EP, 'Indulge Me'

In Upstate New York, the presence of indie-pop artist Avvi was born, and through creative expression and classical training, the songstress has an essence you can’t ignore. From a young age, her artistic journey routed her through the avenues of writing poetry, short stories, and melodic songs that brought Avvi to Nashville in 2013 to study the voice and music business at Belmont University.

Since releasing her debut single, “Liar in Bed,” in 2021, the momentum for her hasn’t halted. Leading us to the depths of her latest musical release, which comes in the form of a four-track EP, “Indulge Me,” we’re navigated through the growth of rich tones that Avvi effortlessly conveys through each note she utters.

Beholding reminiscent hues of Lana Del Rey, Kimbra, and Florence + the Machine, listeners are in for a treat as they simmer in the emotion-fueled concoctions that Avvi graciously provides for our listening pleasure.

What we love most about the entirety of this project has to be the effervescent electronic schemes that bask us in robust melodies altering in tempo dependent on Avvi’s particular mood she wishes to convey.

Kicking things off with the introductory single, “Top Shelf,” we’re whisked into a potent theme that idealizes the ones we love to the point of them begging us to lose that mentality we’ve fostered. In this song’s case, Avvi is the one ‘sitting on the top shelf’ and merely yearning for an equivocal playing field to share love upon.

As she transmits a message as such through a bubbly atmosphere that’s copious in syncopated drum patterns and a full-throttle swing bound to get you dancing, she just as easily switches the rhythm up as she lathers us in ethereal harmonies and velvety passion through the slower-paced hit, “12 pm in Traffic.”

We stand for how Avvi spreads her silky croons as she pulls us deep into her sonic embrace. From the power her lyrics hold, as they paint imagery that etches into our thoughts, to the sentiments she shares profoundly evoking heartfelt feelings, she’s a master at creating schemes that all tie together yet equally stand out.

Holding especially true as we reach the third song on “Indulge Me,” titled “Vulnerable,” there’s an edge we haven’t heard on this project yet. From fuzzy guitar riffs that scream out the angst in themes of letting your guard down to the colossal percussion that carves out the tone of “Vulnerable,” we’re hooked on this breezy yet cutting-edge side to Avvi’s artistry and persona.

Then Avvi caps it all off, and as we enter “Wildly in Love,” the final record to close off the masterpiece that is these four tracks, she wows us with how quickly she can have us going from a place of rebelling to a somber tone where we want to feel the warmth of the love she describes. Adapting a vivid storytelling technique that takes us into the picturesque hook, it’s impossible to feel the emotion she portrays and place ourselves in it through the intense images she conjures up in our minds.

Avvi excels at delivering stories from the heart. If you want to learn more about the vast experiences fueling her fire within, listen to “Indulge Me” on your favorite streaming platform.

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