Reverentia Has A Message That Needs To Be Heard In “Origin”

Reverentia is a Christian hip-hop duo. Through their dark, moody, and heavy-drum instrumentals, they make the listener look inward, grasp the wickedness of their sin nature while realizing how powerful God is.

We took a listen to their single titled “Origin” and we were completely amazed. “Origin” had this dark trap beat with a well-arranged production that created the sinister aesthetic of the song while still promoting the religious factor of the lyricism. Reverentia is a unique duo. There aren’t many artists like them that’s out right now, mixing together the genres of Gospel, Rap and trap to give a message while maintaining an appealing image to their sound. “Origin” is the type of song you can blast at high volume in your car and while still focusing on the deep and in-depth lyrics Reverentia provides. The dimensions to “Origin” is deep and valleyed. It’s like a tunnel of exploration with messages painted across the wall as you tread down. That’s the exact vibe and sensation you receive from this contextual record. “Origin” is an amazing single with a significant amount of aspects for the listener to intertwine themselves with. Reverentia has a message that needs to be heard. Their mantra? "The hatred you have for God cannot overpower the love He has for you."

Give a listen to Reverntia's "Origin" here, and keep scrolling for the duos exclusive interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Reverentia! Mind giving us a small overview of the history of your duo?

Well, we’re a husband and wife duo! I’m John, and my wife is Orianna. I graduated from Charleston Southern University in Charleston, South Carolina and she graduated from North Carolina Central University in Durham, North Carolina. We met through a ministry organization called Impact at one of their leadership conferences in 2013. We began dating in 2014 and got married in 2016.What was your biggest motivation to pursue music and why? We’re both creatives, and have been for...basically our whole lives haha. I’ve had a passion for music, namely rap/hip-hop since I was 12, and she’s been dancing and doing theatre since she was 14, probably earlier. You put two people like that together and we’re bound to pour ourselves into the arts. It’s natural!

As a Christian hip-hop duo, what are some main challenges you face and how do you overcome them?

As Christian artists, I’d say the main challenge we face is balancing relevancy (which I think is akin to good music/beats) with theological soundness (how much our music actually glorifies God). It’s hard to do that juggling act, while also being unique. We’ve overcome this by essentially carving our own lane, which makes it a bit harder for people to define us, but this works in our favor because we stand out and intrigue new listeners at the same time.

What was the main message behind “Origin” you were giving to your listener?

The purpose of the album “Origin” is to bring listeners along with us on a journey. A story. The birth of creation, who birthed it, why, and how all of everything, humanity and existence, fit into God’s great purpose.

What’s next for you two?

More music, more endeavors. Diversifying our catalog and maybe even branching into providing some unique services. We have a lot of goals, dreams, aspirations, and business ideas that have yet to fleshed out. So stay tuned, and thanks for having us!!

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