Revisiting Distant Memories, Freddie Freeloader Hits Home With, “Just a Stranger”

Delving into the true side of artistry, Freddie Freeloader’s raw and edgy quintessence is met with reliving old memories and living through painful nostalgia all over again. Being inspired by an Ashe concert in 2019 at the Velvet Underground the vulnerable tenors of his latest single “Just a Stranger” play into the gut-wrenching memories that accompanied that night.

Introducing us to a side of himself that comes from acceptance and resentment in the same tale, the simplicity that is the old school vibrations of Freddie Freeloader make for a glorious contrast throughout the speakers. Known to leave us caught up in his undeniable charisma, one thing is for sure; no matter what the moment or emotions touched on, he has a remarkable way of pulling his audience into the compositions he crafts. Letting us in on the experiences is only half the battle.

Making us feel what he felt in those exact times, is a whole other. Don’t sleep on Freddie Freeloader and his forward messaging in the latest single “Just a Stranger.” Now streaming on all digital platforms.


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