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Revolt Coda’s “Life Goes On” Is The New Motto

Four member collective, Revolt Coda is made up of the Zac Conforti, Santino Carbonaro, Dallas Moreland, and Tom Lagen. Formed in Chicago, Revolt Coda is known for their diverse rock sound. Through expansive knowledge and classical training, the quartet has had the chance to both fine-tune their craft and develop a solid foundation for their sound. Revolt Coda was formed in 2019 and since then have release a slew of singles leading up to the much anticipated release of their debut LP, set to be release July 12, 2019.

BuzzMusic presents, “Life Goes On” by Revolt Coda. “Life Goes On” was released in early 2019 s Revolt Coda’s debut single. The experimental and stellar elements within the track made it an instant classic. Revolt Coda’s light heartedly plays with melodic reggae sounds and the boys kill it! “Life Goes On” combines modern and melodious lyrics and catchy guitar riffs with a classical sound that is an absolute ear worm. “Life Goes On” holds the heavy and raw message of having a fresh start. At about 2 minutes into the track, we’re blessed with a mind blowing music break. The genre-bending and groundbreaking group Revolt Coda is on the rise to the top. I highly recommend you check out “Life Goes On” and the many other singles available on all major streaming platforms. Stay on the lookout for Revolt Coda and their brand new LP in July 2019!

Check out “Life Goes On” here. Read more below in our exclusive interview.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Revolt Coda! Can you start by telling our readers how you all met?

Hello everyone, thank you for talking with us. This is Zac Conforti, the guitarist and vocalist for Revolt Coda. It all started in 2011 when Santino (our bassist) and I met at Tribeca in Chicago studying Audio Engineering. We instantly developed a chemistry and started playing music with his life long buddy Dallas (Drums). We all played together for a few years and met Tom (keyboard/vocals) through social media when we were openly searching for a keyboardist. We instantly started making music with him and the rest is history. 

We love the track “Life Goes On”! How important was this single to you, being it was your debut release?

First of all, thank you so much for listening and enjoying the song. It’s a very important track for us because it ushered in a new era of music for the band. We’ve been writing for years, but this was one of the first tracks with Tom in the band, and when we got it on record we knew it was a special track. We’ve been working on a new record and released this as the first single off of that record. The album is called “Juxtaposed” and it’ll be released in July at our big album release show at cubby bear in Chicago. Shout out to Gravel Road Recording, where we’ve been recording. 

What’s the meaning behind “Life Goes On”?

Life Goes On is based on how certain  people viewed me growing up knowing I had to be a musician, but they didn’t necessarily support it or agree with it. I knew despite others opinions, I couldn’t give up. Despite knowing its competitive and a risky choice, it was something I knew I had the passion for. Isn’t that what life is? A risk. The song is a story about us believing that risk has all been worth it. 

Who are your musical influences?

Oh man, where to begin...This one is all over the place. We love 100% of the good music out there. My favorites are Portugal. the Man, Jack White, and Tame Impala, but I also love some older stuff too. My earliest memories are jammin’ with my mom in my kitchen as like a 3 year old to Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Zeppelin, Jimi, the Beatles, and Pink Floyd. Santino loves everything, but his favorites are Bassnectar, Metallica, and all the classic stuff I said before. That dude just loves to dance to a good beat. Dallas is an old school dude. Loves zeppelin, sabbath but also loves old school hip hop and rap. Tom brings out the funk, He loves Daft Punk and Parcels. 

What’s your writing process like as a group?

We write in different ways, everyone in the band contributes to the process. But typically, one of us come up with an idea and we groove it out instrumentally first. I’ll sit down with Tom or Santino and play it later acoustically and come up with lyrics and melodies that I feel.  Sometimes someone will just start singing the melody in rehearsal and I’ll write based off that. Everyone does their part contributing to the writing process, even Dallas. Haha. 


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