Revolushn Releases Their Bustling & Groovy Single "Electric"

Revolushn is a studio band that has gained the necessary and pivotal experience of recording with various artists in order to enrich their cohesive sound. Revolushn brings multiple different rhythms to light, and stimulate listeners through their potent delivery. Their instrumental-based sound offers perplexity and delivers colorful imagery to all listeners alike. Revolushn never lets their united sound waver, and you'll hear this characteristic within their unified blend of contrasting instrumentals. 

Revolushn released a new single titled "Electric", and this track is definitely an energy-driven single, to say the very least! Right off the bat, we can confirm the group brings an electric rush to the song, deeming it to truly resemble its name. The vocal performance in "Electric" follows more of a raw and intense execution, accentuating that authentic and real feel listeners get from Revolushn as musicians. Revolushn makes us feel full of vitality, simply through the design of their integrative blend. You're always receiving a passionate performance, whether that be a robust and dynamic listening atmosphere in "Electric" or more somber and mellow embraces in contrasting singles. The music group always integrates a variety of instrumentals, as well as ad-libs, in order to manifest an overwhelmingly concerted feel. The mannerisms of each artist shine brightly within "Electric", and the song itself requires full interaction. We're definitely grooving along with Revolushn and their vivid soundscapes in "Electric", and hopefully, in more future singles to come! 

Discover "Electric" by Revolushn here


Welcome, Revolushn! How exciting that "Electric" has debuted for listeners! What kind of response did the band receive for this spirited-driven track?! 

We are kind of blown away by how well the song is being received. 

I mean we kind of knew it was a killer track when it got mixed and mastered, but one can never really judge one's own work. So yea, Electric is taking off on Spotify and the video, which by the way is amazing is getting lots of views on Youtube also. We are very pleasantly surprised!

What does Revolushn believe "Electric" encompassed, specifically regarding its projected ambiance, as well as the projected message?

We wanted a dance song with horns. Almost old school but with modern sounds and big drums. And we lucked out by getting Scott Page from Pink Floyd to do the sax solos. He really nailed it and that inspired us to spend a lot of time in the studio getting the mix right. And the message is universal. You can't stop us! It is the battle cry for a lot of folks when they want to change and hit a wall. And now with the bug trying to do us in it kind of shows how resilient people are. And it speaks to the strength of the masses. You can't fool all of the people all of the time.

The connection you each have is undeniable--you can easily hear it within each cohesive product you produce as a music group. Do you feel that this ability to communicate, as well as connection to one another, is what brings your dynamic sound to fruition?  

For sure! We are all close in the band and love making music with each other. David Kendrick and I have been writing and working together for a long time. We were studio cats so we really know how to work with each other in the studio. We write the songs for Revolushn and it amazes me how quickly we do it sometimes.  And our keyboard player, Schubert, is my wife so naturally, we are close.  Our bass player Neil, well, he has a band called Nalamora and I am the bass player in his band. And Kim is Schubert's vocal teacher so it is a very close group. We are the kind of band where when we make a mistake it is magical because of where it takes us.

Where does Revolushn see their genuine sound extending itself and growing from here? Where do each hope to be within a year's time, musically? 

We feel that the growth will come in our songwriting. I mean, we can all play our instruments very well at this point so it is more about what we are playing. I see our vocal harmonies and melodies growing and becoming more sophisticated. And we want to write parts in the songs that will feature different members' talents. I don't know if we will get there in a year but in a year we will be a better band for sure. And hopefully, more folks will know about us.