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Rey.Ant Releases New Single "My Girl"

Rey.Ant, also known as Anthony Bryant, is a singer/songwriter originally from Washington, DC. Now based in Norcross, Georgia he stays busy with 3 kids but that doesn’t stop his from composing killer hits. His rap/ R&B/ Hip-hop fusion set him apart from today’s mainstream sound, which is why he won 1st place in the notable “Coast 2 Coast” in Miami in 2014.

Rey.Ant just dropped “My Girl” this past March and we can’t believe we’re just hearing it now. It’s a soulful R&B classic with emotionally-rich lyrics and flawless bars. The auto-tune is a fresh sound with the modern backbeat I can’t stop vibing to. Rey.Ant commands attention with every lyric while incredibly telling a story of this perfect girl he wants in his life. “My Girl” is about an amazing woman that Anthony is evidently passionate about. He describes her in great detail and even brags “She’s my queen, I’m her king”. “My Girl” expertly describes the kind of desire that we all want out of any new relationship and I love the feeling of being so infatuated with that person when you’re first interested. Rey.Ant has the talent and multi-skill set to relate with his audience on a more vulnerable and personal level, while still keeping the vibe fresh and sexy. Overall “My Girl” is a seductive and expansive R&B track. We hope that the ambitious Rey.Ant has much more to come and we’ll have him and this hot new track on our radar throughout 2019.

Check out "My Girl" on Spotify and keep scrolling for Rey.Ant's exclusive interview with us at BuzzMusic!


Hey Anthony! How did you make the stage name Rey.Ant?

I used to use the Stage name J.Anthony. After a while I looked on YouTube and realized it was a lot of artists with that name besides the one I know of it was J.Anthony Brown, so I looked up different names for King and then I saw Reywhich is king in Spanish.

Can you give us any hints to who the lucky lady “My Girl” is about?

There's no lucky lady I just listened to the beat and feel the rhythm.

Who do you look up to musically?

I'm a big Michael Jackson's fan as well as Jodeci, George Michael,  New Edition and a few others but mostly Michael Jackson.

We know you write and sing your own tracks. Do you produce your own music too?

I bought the beat and then went to the studio and I had a good friend of mine New Jeruse to mix and master it.


Get to know more about Rey.Ant through the artists socials:


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