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Rey Returns With Another Hit Single, “GM GN”

Born in the Bronx, Rey produced and wrote all his records, engineering himself as an independent artist. As a one-man army, Rey brings fans from Hip-Hop, R&B, and Latin communities together to provide a fresh conglomeration of vibes for chill and party moods. With a relenting ambition and drive, Rey floods the game with his Latin-rap flavor.

"GM GN" gives us chills. You can hear the hunger in Rey's voice when spazzing over this groovy trap production. He says, "It's me," "good morning, goodnight," letting them know he's here from sun-up to sundown, putting in that work, showing up consistently, and grinding.

In his well-delivered first verse, he raps about his pain that you can see if you just glimpse into his eyes. Even though he feels this way, he still continues to push himself because he feels he doesn't have anything to lose by chasing his dreams.

In his second verse, Rey speaks more in-depth about his painful experiences and how they made his heart so cold. He expresses how honest he is in his lyrics that he'll "tell the truth no matter how bad it could go" and "it's only right to let them know." Rey ends off the track with his addictive hook and relatable lyrics, telling us that they try to put out his flame, but he keeps shining regardless of what's happening around him.

Experience the melodic diversity of Rey's sonics, with a vibe-filled discography on full display on "GM GN," streaming everywhere today.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Rey. We are thrilled to have you here with us today. We love "GM GN" what was your main source of creativity for this record?

Thank you for giving independent artists like myself a platform to showcase our talent. My main source of creativity for "Gm Gn" came from a group chat where my friends talk stuff, and some days all you see is "Gm Gn." We all know the impacts this pandemic has made, and now the winter won't go away, so if it's not to go to the gym or hang out, all you see in the chat some days is, "Gm Gn," lol.

In terms of the message you deliver, what would you like your supporters to take away from it?

The message conveyed between the lines of "Gm Gn" is that we have to be strong in the midst of adversity. Not only showing strength but consistency, to be able to thrive and take ownership of whatever obstacle in our path.

Growing up in the Bronx, what were some challenges you faced, and what kept you motivated through those certain challenges?

Growing up in the Bronx was hard enough. I was lucky because I took advantage of the resources available to me. Going to school and working full time, the challenge has mostly been time management and catching up on my sleep. I do everything myself as far as music recording, so I have to do my best when it comes to self-care. You know, going to the gym, shutting down early, or just binge-watching on Netflix and spending time with the family to stay inspired.

As an artist, you spend a long time perfecting your craft. What are some tips you could give the next generation to keep them motivated and grounded in their craft?

Your spirit is your strongest weapon. There's a scripture in the Bible that says, "the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak" I think we are here to serve and in order to nurture that spirit and keep it alive and well is by count your blessings. I love watching Daystar, TBN, The Word Network, and Christian television because that's the only place you hear words like—faithfulness, thankfulness, gratefulness, blessings, anointed, and forgiving—that is a form of wealth and prosperity on its own, so don't undermine your spirit form, that's what I would say. Find the roses.

What's next for you? is growing. YouTube is also growing. Spotify, SoundCloud—everything is going great. I'm getting my Masters in Social Work in May, so I'm super excited about that.


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