Ricci Bamboo Pays Tribute To The Fatherly Role In New Visualizer, "Papa"

The emerging producer and recording artist Ricci Bamboo pays homage to fathers everywhere with his recent visualizer for "Papa."

Ricci Bamboo has years of dedication to his craft under his belt. He works behind the scenes with various talents to help them gain their recognition. He creates timeless musical masterpieces with exclusive and rare collaborations to achieve a timeless and borderless musical fusion that can't be pinned down to one genre.

More recently, Ricci Bamboo shared one of the most wholesome and heartwarming visual experiences we've seen to date. In his music video and visualizer for "Papa," he highlights the importance of fathers while empowering men to embrace masculine and fatherly traits, taking pride in their own identity and roles.

Produced by Selena Ayube and directed by Thomas Obewu, the visualizer for "Papa" opens with three shirtless male dancers covered in white paint that reads different words like "Brave," "Intelligent," and "Powerful."

As we transition into scenes of a father tucking his child into bed, David Meli's melodic vocals pour through our speakers alongside harmonious, cinematic production and fluttering instrumentals.

The video continues with scenes of the father caring for what looks like his only son. As he's flooded with work calls and has to take them outside, he realizes the importance of connecting with his son when he needs it most, prompting him to put down the phone and head outside with his son.

From the three dancers to the deeply wholesome scenes, we're sure this video will leave its mark on you. The experience ends with a quote, "PAPA, one who loves, supports, guides, encourages, and inspires his child."

It's never too late to wish your dad a Happy Father's Day. Allow Ricci Bamboo and his team to remind you of that special bond with his latest visualizer for "Papa," now available on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Ricci Bamboo. We're so pleased with the wholesome visual experience you've provided with your music video for "Papa." What inspired you to create an homage to the fatherly role?

Growing up in a generation and demographic that’s immune to a Fathers absence really opened my eyes as a late teenager growing up in Miami, Florida. It made me appreciate my own biological Father and other men that played a major role in my life as Spiritual Fathers & Brothers. Furthermore, I’m a proud Father myself.

What was it like creating the music video for "Papa"? Who helped bring your ideas and visions to life?

The vision was originally birthed with me after a meeting with Thomas Obewu (TomX Film).

I immediately called him up and flooded his inbox with ideas about the song concept. After brainstorming together with the entire “Team X,” we had a very strong mood board and sense of direction for visuals and imagery. Ideas came and developed over a few months, and Fathers Day helped us firm up a completion date. This experience was amazing and inspiring and built a level of trust amongst our crew.

Did you face any personal or emotional obstacles when creating the song and video for "Papa"? What was the toughest part of this process?

I think the entire process had a bit of an emotional heaviness due to how sensitive the objective and Topic was. The hardest part, in my opinion, was to bring all the pieces together musically and to ensure the “impact” and “WOW FACTOR” was consistent thorough-out the audio and visual experience.

Thomas Obewu and the entire team had a lot on their plate to balance a “clear storyline” and “wow factor” in a duration time of 1:34 seconds. I feel we hit a home run on this one! Shout out to Chantel Taki for the amazing makeup art on the cast.

What was your goal in terms of the viewer's reaction when watching the visualizer for "Papa"? What did you want them to experience?

The goal was to have the viewers feel a sense of urgency to embrace our men who strive to fill the shoes of what it means to be a Father. Ultimately, we wanted Fathers and father figures watching to feel empowered and valued. Hopefully, it encourages men to take pride in Fatherhood and bridge the gap with the generation after us.

What's the message behind "Papa"?

The message for "Papa" was to emphasize on the value a Father's role holds.

There’s a whole generation that is desensitized to the struggles men have with Fatherhood and the false perception of what manhood really is all about in our Modern Western Society.

However, meaningful and quality time spent with our kids can relocate what’s “Lost,” and a true bond can be “found” again.

What's next for Ricci Bamboo?

The goal for myself is to use my art form to inspire others. I take pride in originality and authenticity. I’m excited to create a body of music and visuals that truly are an extension of myself and inspiring to others. There’s a “new wave” coming.