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Ricci Bamboo Says Flip "The Switch," And End Systemic Racism Once And For All

From Miami to Toronto, the captivating and versatile hip-hop recording artist and compelling songwriter Ricci Bamboo just released what might be his most moving piece yet—the single and accompanying music video for "The Switch."

Ricci Bamboo grew up exposed to all different kinds of music. His diverse palate gives him a creative edge to step outside the box and pen lyrics that make listeners think twice. For Bamboo, gravitating towards originality and uniqueness comes naturally, and he's ready to continue creating music that will hold profound meaning for generations to come.

His recent single, "The Switch," is seriously no exception. The song itself is a call to action, a call to end systemic racism and do everything in our power to balance the scales. The chilling spoken word performance commands your attention with words that brutally represent the corrupted state of society while reminding us that soon, one day, "The Switch" that has programmed society will be turned all the way off.

The visualizer for "The Switch," directed by Thomas Obewu and produced by Selena Ayube, is a masterful body of work that rallies for change through various protests. The compelling signage that reads statements like "No Pride In Genocide" reminds you of the horrific realities. Black lives have faced for far too long.

The spoken word performance hits us with all-too-real words that carry the gravity of the situation. "How long do you expect the conforming to go on when you legally get away with murder in daylight?" Words like this only scratch the surface of what our Black community has endured for generations. If one thing's for sure, we've never been closer to turning off "The Switch" than we are now.

Righting the wrongs of past injustices is long overdue. With Ricci Bamboo's compelling new single and music video, we can only hope "The Switch" will turn off and be off for good. Find the new music video on YouTube.

Congratulations on releasing such a powerful and moving music video for "The Switch." What inspired you to create this movement-type piece?

My interactions with people from all over really showed me the disconnect we have with each other. The confusion and fear we digest from the second we wake up are overwhelming.

But when you stop and connect with individuals, you quickly realize we are all victims of this chaos in the world today.

What was your experience shooting the intense music video for "The Switch"? How did your team help bring your vision to life?

This project really came together because the Team was totally committed, and everyone honestly felt their own personal connection with the message.

Everyone’s passion for this to reach the people kept the intense momentum right to the very end. I’m truly grateful for them.

What was your goal with "The Switch" and its accompanying music video? What did you want viewers to take away?

The goal was to bring awareness and wake everyone up. We’ve been desensitized for too long. I really hope the viewers shift their perspective from the lens we’ve been given. Then take that same approach and stand for something that serves the people as a Whole Race.

Do you usually create songs that promote the greater good, similar to the theme behind "The Switch"? Is social reform a recurring theme for you and your music?

The only theme for my music is Unity. Not rooted from hate, fear, religion, or politics.

Just rooted in Love and Empowerment.

Not all my music will be for the greater good. I say that because I embrace one's feelings and experiences with music at times. The story could vary depending on the subject.

But it’s always for Unifying the people

What was the most rewarding part about creating and releasing the music video for "The Switch"? What did you take away from the experience?

Seeing how privileged the team and I felt creating another piece of art that could outlive us and positively impact generations to come was amazing. Not too many projects have that potential.

What's next for Ricci Bamboo?

One thing is for sure, the goal for 2023 is to make people dance. I’m focusing on having fun with a purpose.


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