Rice Delivers a Notable Single with, “Stuntin’ for da Money” Featuring AA Grand

Jack of all trades, Rice, releases his long-awaited, hard-hitting single, “Stuntin’ for da Money,” this time recruiting AA Grand in a powerhouse collaboration.

As a multitalented artist and activist who wears many hats, Jerard Roosevelt Rice, is a firm believer that music is a universal language we can all comprehend, appreciate, and use to empower one another.

As a Hip-hop, neo artist that combines real-life experiences depicting them from different perspectives, you can find Rice in the studio of Hustle Work Grind Records, making music that matters.

With a pep in his step and his heart in the right place, he has a desire to spread awareness and overcome any obstacle in his way. All of his projects reflect his passion and ingenuity, including his latest record, “Stuntin’ for da Money.”

“Stuntin’ for da Money,” opens up with an eclectic bass line bumping through the speakers before presenting the vibrant and present vocals that Rice exhibits. His ability to deliver rhymes with force is quite impressive, especially with the constant progression the instrumentation holds creating a dystopian ambiance that pulls you in.

An early 2000’s nostalgia simmers on the mind with musical components that have you bouncing to not only the rhythm but the seamlessly timed rhyme schemes and lyricism. The dynamic duo of Rice and AA Grand complement each other with unmatched energy.

We can’t get enough of this memorable chorus and the energetic alliance between Rice and AA Grand. This record definitely has us wanting to go out and start working double-time towards everything we have ever wanted, thanks to this rising artist.

Congratulations on the release of “Stuntin’ for da Money.” We would love to know how this collaboration came to be?

Paparatzi produced the beat and mastered the track. AA Grand and Paparatzi had done a couple of projects together, and I was looking for someone who had a different style and could really put a particular touch on the track. I sent AA Grand what I had already recorded, and he said he could hop on the track. Originally Stuntin For Da Money along with my other songs Round it Up Rice ft J-Muzique, Psykasolar, Majesty, and Big Dreams Rice was a part of a project I was working on “Riding With Blindfolds, because all of the songs were about my first years in this industry, the highs and lows, people coming and going, and everyone has a lesson, however even when we outgrow people places or things or even situations, those same people stop messing with you because you changed. It's some of those same people with all the answers just stuntin and they are trying to figure it out as well. I liked Paparatzi, not just his beats and mastering but what he taught me about music as an artist. It is valuable to network and works with different artists and producers to increase your creativity, style as well as attract a different audience.

During the creative songwriting process, what was your inspiration for the concept of “Stuntin’ for da Money?"

If you think about the Wire with Avon and Stringer being the main characters, both of them were very confident in who they were however when push comes to shove, how do you want your character to be defined. How often do people portray themselves to be different?

With a robust and empowering anthem-like, “Stuntin’ for da Money,” Could you please tell us what the energy was like in the studio session for this record?

The energy in the studio for me was intense because I had to make something that another artist would mess with and could complement the direction of the track. Both AA Grand and I both agree that Confidence in who you are goes a long way because even when you are the only one who can see your vision, you have to be confident in your dreams goals, and abilities to take risks in order to succeed. Confidence is such a huge part of a song, because how can other people relate if the artist does not even believe what they're saying. My former publicist helped me with the voice play and formulating the words just right to get the right effect. What I like most was that all of us had a professional work ethic and could appreciate critiques.

The lyricism is a key component in Hip-hop and you seem to do this effortlessly. What do you do to ensure your wordplay is always on point?

The wordplay comes naturally to me because I have always been someone who appreciates language. HipHop dictionary, thesaurus are all resources to find different words or even thinking of catchier ways to say things. I like to make people think, and go beyond what I am saying, and even relate, however in the end, I want my words to inspire, evoke, and empower. Obstacles are like puzzles you figure out, and if you give up every time it is difficult then you will not accomplish your goals.

With the unforgettable content that you already have out, we are thrilled for what is next to come for you. What projects can we expect to see and be on the lookout for?

I am still working on my EP which I will release next year “Riding with Blindfolds” and it's about not letting the fear of failure life circumstances love, sadness, or happiness you have of doing it alone stop you from your goal.  Having confidence when you are the only one who believes to continue sometimes the road less traveled. Riding with the confidence that if you put the work in that there are no obstacles that you will not conquer. I thank everyone who has been so patient on this journey as I continue to strive for Quality over Quantity. The new EP will not disappoint its new beats from different producers in Massachusetts even as far as the UK.  Happy to say my Brother M-Ezy and I collaborated with Lorenzo and will be releasing Still My Wave M=Ezy ft Rice and Lorenzo on the radio soon and on all platforms next year. We cant wait too!