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Rice Has the, “Juice,” and the Squeeze

Wearing the many hats of an entrepreneur, Rice is versatile when it comes to his talents. As an artist, songwriter, singer, and philanthropist, Rice is a firm believer that music is a universal language that is meant to educate, empower, and connect with others.

With his love for combining real-life experiences into his music, whether it be his own or a lesson he learned in a movie, he thrives on painting images from a different perspective. Rice's wide array of projects reflect the passion and ingenuity that lives within himself. In his most recent single, "Juice," Rice develops an influential environment in which his audience can share vibrations in a world custom to his craft's unique stylings.

As the tantalizing instrumentation builds up anticipation that has you wondering how Rice will approach this sonic canvas, you vanish amongst the mid-tempo, bass-forward resonance that punches through your headphones. Rice has a certain tone that acts as comforting yet assertive as he radiates his messaging through well thought out verses. He takes on a minimalistic approach with the way he tackles the bars that he offers up to his listeners. By using proper timing and placement in the emphasis behind the words shed, Rice ensures that he is only conveying what truly matters.

This track is an easy listen that provides captivating momentum in the genre of Hip-hop. "Juice" has a way of giving you everything you need in a one-stop-shop for auditory goodness provided by Rice himself. To make relatable music and make an impact, we would say that Rice can check that off his list.

Congratulations on your most recent release of, “Juice.” Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative process looked like when creating this song?

From the verse that gets stuck in my head to then looking for that perfect beat the set the mood and tone for the song. It is creating a sound based on a beat that just strong but subliminally slides into your mind, and using words that are light and fun, but packs a powerful punch because while there is the perception I want for my listeners I leave it open enough to hit that perfect in-between balance where I and my listeners meet and go on the journey together, but the subject matter is so broad that it gives them enough space for my listeners to write their own story within my story. Everyone is impacted differently by events that happen in the world, and Juice took on a life of its own based on my own experiences with events such as co-organizing the BLM m0vement, which is something that changed my life, it makes me take a look at the role I want to play in my platform whether big or small, whether it influences one or many, words are a powerful tool, and it can be used for good influences or negative. I want my words to empower, provoke thought understanding, and change so I want to choose what I say more carefully and make music that can be heard and appreciated by all.

How does the style of, “Juice,” compare to other songs that you have out?

The style of Juice does not compare to my other songs. I'm still growing and learning how to use my instrument which is my vocals every day. with more intention and purpose and created for a wide audience, While this song may speak to everyone differently, it a song that will speak to everyone because love, respect, and power is not a stranger to anyone and the struggle for love power and respect have impacted all of our lives at some point so Juice is different because it's so much more relate-able no matter what walk of life. Juice is different because I am not the same songwriter or singer I was 2 to three years ago. My experiences disappointments losses and conscious decisions on how I want to be perceived as a man, artist and overall person with a little insight into my thoughts on choices and integrity comes out in this song stronger than in any of my other songs

As an artist, who do you make music for? What do you want your listeners to take away from the songs that you create?

I want to make music for everyone, not selfish, unfiltered with my perception but with so much intent and respect that maybe you do not listen to my old music because it was not something that you could identify with, but making music in which the subject matter in a world matter and as an artist I get to add my take on it with it being open-ended for the listener to add their history, is what I want my listeners to hear, see, feel and be able to imagine themselves experiences and how that has shaped their views fears or dreams when it comes to this songs subject matter which is love power and respect. I want my listeners to know that our experiences whether good or bad do not define us, we are exposed to new information all the time, and we get to reflect and change the things we do not like about ourselves all the time. Embracing our strengths and areas which continue to fall short should not stop us from striving to be our best in whatever we choose to pursue.

What musical and non-musical influences do you allow to shape the music that you put forth?

My musical influences are J Cole, Jay Z and it has to do with not just their music but the way they do the business of music. The support they give to the community that people do not always know about. They have consistency, longevity, great content in the industry. They also have a passion for life and I admire anyone who does allow obstacles to dictate their story. My non-musical influences are my Great Grandmother because she was the Matriarch of our family and she died 14 years ago but there are things that she taught me before she left this earth that I didn't understand at the time, and now I have a greater understanding of what she was talking about, but when I was away from my family, I could hear her telling me that no matter what happens in life I have to be strong and push ahead, which is why I speak about loss, and disappointment but hope and just hanging on in my music because she was not a religious woman but she was spiritual and faith will allow you to be okay with disappointments and loss because while it may not be your plan its a part of the plan. My grandmother also taught all of us to never give up. My grandfather is another influence because he was a quiet man but so many people loved and respected him, for how he treated others and he was such an intricate part of his community. He was a man with integrity at all times no matter what and that is why these two people are such influences in my life.



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