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Rice Plays for Keeps With "No Brady (feat. J Muzique)"

Believing in something not only takes the initiative to act but the ability to manifest the reality of its tangibility and Hip-hop artist Rice embodies this energy while in pursuit of creating his reality as a recording artist.

Proudly representing Worcester County, Rice set forth the goal to create a distinct sound that uniquely identifies who he is. Since the release of his debut single, he has been gradually establishing a core fan base driven by his simple pop hooks and simplistic rhyme scheme.

In the beguiling soundscape of Rice’s most recent single, “No Brady,” we feast upon the intricate instrumentation that implements a bounce in the way you sway as you turn the volume up, and get lost in the pulsating bassline that sends this track into overdrive.

Enlisting the skill set of rapper J Muzique, the two form a heavy-weight collaboration that redefines a seamless blend of cool, calm, and collected, while fusing it with pure wit. We have to admit that the mesmerizing lyrical motif that makes itself known in the chorus, ‘She gon’ throw it back, No Brady,’ has us eager to learn each word of “No Brady,” as we attempt to embody the liberated ease that the dynamic duo exemplifies. Rice exudes an exclusive flair in his lyrical dexterity that makes his verses land with an impact, all while J Muzique’s darker tonal distinction inserts a supplementary layer of texture to the composition.

There’s an extreme likeability that oozes from the charisma they radiate, where you’re immediately drawn towards the unapologetic persona flaunted as if it’s going out of style. Remaining authentic to himself as he overflows with an inimitable swagger, Rice recruits J Muzique to match his supreme energy, and this duo knocks it out of the park with “No Brady.”

"No Brady" felt intoxicatingly vibrant with the chosen beat and production. What inspired the dominant melody present in your track?

My goal was to make a party vibe and JMuzique was in more of a spontaneous mood and it just came together this is the first track that I know is a club track. Would you say that you're often one to use such witty wordplay within your songs, similar to the wordplay presented in "No Brady"?

It depends on the song and how feel when I’m making the song. The mood at the time and the intent of the song. What overall concept and feeling were you going for with the release of "No Brady"?

I was going for a song that no matter when people listened to the song they would get a dance or party vibe. Some will listen and it will motivate them through challenges. It’s such a fun song it’s something for anyone who listens to it

What's next for you?

Continuing to work on my projects Riding With Blindfolds as well as Love Shouldn’t Cost A Thing. Working even if no one sees it. Stay tuned because there is more to come.

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