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Rice Sets The Tone for 2024 With A Powerful New Single, “Blog It”

Multi-faceted musician and versatile hip-hop recording artist Jerard Rice, known professionally as Rice, is stepping into a new chapter by releasing his loud-and-proud new single, "Blog It."

Rice sees music as a means for education and social change, influenced by 50 Cent and Lil Wayne to create truly impactful, authentic pieces. Hit tracks like "Bet On It" and "Juice" have landed him Grammy consideration and awards at the X-Pozing Music Awards. As he continues on this upward trajectory, Rice is eager to use his platform to make a lasting difference in today's music scene.

And what an upward trajectory he's on, as highlighted in his recent single, "Blog It." This powerhouse track perfectly represents personal transformation and achieving success against the odds. The strong intro and equal fire production pave the way for incredible bars that spark your inner fire, prompting you to chase whatever feeds the soul.

Jumping into "Blog It," the track blasts open with a mighty brass section and hard-hitting drums that make room for Rice's big entrance. While reflecting on past struggles and making ends meet, he leverages those experiences to tell one of the greatest comeback stories ever. It's one of those stories you must "Blog It."

Now, living it up, moving onward and upward, Rice's killer flow and laidback persona make this song irresistible. It's a powerful pump-up song that touches on the steady grind to personal and financial freedom but also the grit and consistency it took to get there. It's a personal evolution and a complete 180 from the life he once lived compared to his current reality, and that's no easy feat.

If you're a fan of larger-than-life hip-hop that leaves you ready to pounce at the next opportunity for success, check out Rice's new single, "Blog It," now available on all digital streaming platforms.


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