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Rice Shoots For The “Starz” On His Latest Release

In a blend of new-wave pop music emerges up-and-coming indie artist Rice. With a desire to spread love and goodwill through his music,

Rice’s bright melodies and uplifting lyricism are bound to capture the hearts and ears of listeners. His musical journey began in his formative years, participated in talent show performances and played various instruments.

Rice explored music production and songwriting as his passion flourished, channelling his experiences to connect with the world. In his latest release, “Starz,” Rice’s musical talents shine through, creating a track embodying summer's essence.

The song takes off with a light-hearted synth melody followed by reverberating snaps, setting the stage for a relaxed and carefree ambiance. As the music crescendos into the first chorus, listeners are offered a glimpse into the song's fundamental theme; Rice expresses the value of celebrating someone as they are and aspires to be their beacon of light during moments of despair. In the face of stress, anxiety, loneliness or uncertainty, having the backing of a supportive friend or perhaps someone closer to your heart is truly invaluable.

Rice’s passionate vocals seamlessly complement the lively melody coursing through the verse, evoking a sense of sincerity and raw emotion. As he continues to ride the wave of the beat, astral-inspired synths and pads embellish the track, creating a cosmic and starry texture, suggesting a connection to the song’s title, “Starz."

Though easily overlooked, these subtle details add complexity to Rice’s music and highlight his consideration of all aspects of his work. As the track ends, listeners are met with the same laid-back synths from the song’s introduction. Accompanying this is the fading echoes of his concluding words, “Back to life,” which leave behind a feeling of hope in listeners' minds.

“Starz” is available now across all platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Rice and congratulations on your latest release, "Starz." We’d love to know how you came up with the concept for your latest release “Starz?”

I felt I was around people bigger than me, whether personality-wise or we’re talking like a bracket. That’s when I also started realizing that I had abilities that other people weren’t as talented at as I had skills that I brought to the table that were needed so the people that I thought were bigger than me in ways that were more conscious to me became the people that I work with as peers with people that I could see eye to eye with an eye was level with that’s where the meaning of STARZ comes from just that feeling of looking at someone that’s like bigger than you will ever be. Still, in all actuality, I think everybody shouldn’t feel that there not as good. We’re all talented in different ways. It’s just about finding what it is that makes you talented.

Returning to the beginning of your musical journey, was there a defining moment that drove you to pursue music as your career?

When I first went to the studio with my brother M-EZY, and he was creating a song, it just felt magnetic, like electricity going through my veins or, like however else you can describe, I guess butterflies in your stomach. I just knew that’s where I was supposed to be in the studio

What would you say has been the biggest influence on your style of music?

I think my biggest influence on how I make music is mainly the people I’m around that I work with and also just listening to the evolution of music whether we’re talking about NWA or that’s not truth, or we’re talking about white, even Janet Jackson Frank Ocean White and in the future is to look looking at Lil Durk J. Cole Jay Z it’s like all lie a lot of things of influence the way I make music, especially the way I live my life that’s probably my biggest influence of music.

What’s your favourite part of the music production process?

My favourite part of the production process is to go to the engineering and watch your vocals go from Raw to the quality on the radio. Why it’s not the end quality or the end result that I like? I’m so intrigued by it’s more of the process of getting there. I guess the road is always a little bit better than the view afterwards just because you know it could’ve gone 1 million different ways, And it came out a certain way that you were content with or like love jamming. If you listen to the two different versions of STARZ, one on the World Beat project and the Starz (radio edit ), two completely different sounds, but some listeners may not hear the difference.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

If you had asked me this question when I started doing music, the automatic answer would’ve been J. Cole even said Kendrick Lamar just because I was so heavily influenced by the way they spit. They’re able to keep the woke rap alive nowadays, I don’t wanna say that I can pinpoint it on one artist, but if we could have a Juice WRLD come back that would probably be the number one artist for me. If I had to choose an artist that we still have available, I don’t think this would be a runner-up route of any kind because I want to work with everybody, but Selena Gomez definitely will be on top of that list.


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