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Rich Jacques Releases A Delightful Hit “Every Time”

Rich Jacques use to go by the name of “JACQ” before realizing the complications that came along with an uncommon yet common name. It seemed appropriate for him to use his real name considering this is the most personal music he has done yet! Rich has built a career for himself as an artist and Grammy winning producer working in almost every musical genre imaginable. But once he realized it was time to explore his own sound, the route he took was quite unexpected. For someone who knows about as much as anyone about working in a studio and making a record, instead of embracing all of the technology, the gadgets and the clever tricks that he had familiarized himself with over the years. Very few musical colors from the sonic palette with which to paint his own songs.

So that leaves us with the single “Every Time”. Here we have a smoothly produced track with even smoother vocals. A relaxed vibe surrounding the entire song creating a comforting presence for the listener. I can picture myself playing “Every Time” at any time of the day, with any mood and just instantly feeling at home with myself. The song is so inner atmospheric where you are floating through a different setting in your head. It’s so relaxing, and pure. Rich Jacques doesn’t add much pressure to his vocals, keeping the delivery at a subtle projection, while showcasing multiple registers and skill. The sweet sounding falsetto, and the at ease middle register were just mesmerizing. “Every Time” is a song many people will find themselves obsessing over. It instantly bring a certain feeling of joy that’s indescribable. If this is the image Rich Jacques is painting, then I want the whole collection!

Listen to "Every Time" here.

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